Call me ‘Coco’

I’m straight up refusing to name my upcoming baby, until i am aware of what sex my baby will be. I don’t want to get my heart set on a certain name of glory…then find out i’ve had a ‘dumpling’ of the wrong fitting gender. Plus, i’m going to be picking very wisely. I’m going to be looking up names, their meanings, what my child will grow into with a name of a certain sort and pretty much attempting to get it right. (You all know, i’m going to go with something tragical. I always wanted to name my children after my favourite booze. However, now i’ve been put in a ‘baby naming’ position…i’m like ‘hang on a minute’ i really can’t fuck this up.) I’m disgusted at how responsible i’m being. Infact, i want to wait until my child has *squeezed* it’s merry way out of my ‘Popins,‘ commit to drinking ten bottles of champagne and only THEN naming it. I will name it better drunk. I do my best work pissed up. Plus, you can’t get sexier than being named whilst my Glamour Puss, over eyelashed Mother, drank ten bottles on champers naked, in heels and draped in diamonds. It doesn’t get more s.e.x.u.a.l.

Now if you were to scale up the ‘ooh laa’ levels of both Loverboy and I. You’ll find that he’s the more quiet, sensible one. Kinda shy and filled to the brim with humility. I’m the fun, mildy egotistical floozy. We know this. I’m the exciting bundle of boobage and playfullness. He’s the one that is sort of the gentle pillar of forgiveness. Therefore, you’d think he’d come up with names of the good clean ‘solid’ sort, rather than names that remind you of slags.

Loverboy, wants to name our ‘if it’s a girl’Coco. I mean, it doesn’t GET more stripper than ‘Coco’ other than ‘Bambi whore house.’ Yes, it’s the name of a world class, high fashion designer. But this is ME you’re talking about here. I’m not going to produce something demure, pure and classy…am I!! It’s already doomed and tarnished with the ‘too sexy’ brush. ‘Coco’…as in Chanel is couture. ‘Coco‘ as in ‘out of Wunna’s vagina’ is a big boobied, good time gal…stripper, who’s winking with feathered nipple tassles, for Paris Hilton. (I love that i’ve done that in life.)  The funny thing is that i quite enjoy the name ‘Coco.’ I now LOVE it. It’s sooo ‘Wunna.’ I could actually really call my ‘if it’s a girl’Coco, or Cocoa? I also like the name ‘Ruby.’ I find it cute, but sexy.

I’m finding it hilarious that my fairytale ‘good boy’ can only think of names that one associates with hookers.  It pretty much says it all. I’m noticing that he’s a simple boy, who enjoys simple things..whole-heartedly. I find it refreshing and simply because he doesn’t have that ever so annoying and somewhat heartbreakingly tedious complex mind of jadedness. There’s no agenda, no dwelling on past hurt , no manipulation and no rough ‘mummy didn’t love me & i’m too scared to commit’ edges. No mask!! He’s a happily, simple boy and I LOVE it. He brings the happy innocent simpleness out in Me. (I always seem to take on a bit of the ‘whoever i’m datings’ personality. I’m like a sponge. But a sexy one.) I’ve got a GREAT guy…one that can only name our ‘if its a girl’ after porn stars and strippers. 🙂 Life couldn’t be better. *sips lemonade through pink bendy straw.*

The odd thing is that after throwing a name like ‘Coco’ out there. He then looks at me, to see my reaction and says ‘Or maybe

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