Cake watching…


Honestly! Who on this earth puts me in charge of a cake! I mean, you just wouldn’t would you! Lol. I mean, you just wouldn’t look at me, after you’ve slaved over baking the most delicious in the Universe and then say, ‘Wunna, watch it, so it doesn’t burn, i’m leaving.’ *Whaaaat?* HAHAHAH. I nearly died the other day! Bottom line, if you don’t want things to maybe get burnt, don’t leave me in charge of ‘the watch.’ Lol.

It didn’t burn. I aced it. I winked at that Goddamn thing and it championed to perfection. It would wouldn’t It. (I did burn a little, but Katie, who baked the cake, is nicer than I am when it comes to the feelings of others…well…ahahaha, sort of…so she made me feel better for burning bits of it, like i hadn’t burnt any bits at all. HAHAHA. Sweet!)

However, lesson learnt to all! Don’t leave me charge of cakes that aren’t fully cooked yet. I’m better with the fully cooked finished product! I don’t have the discipline to be so cautious with cakes, as I pay no attention to detail when it comes to the little things that don’t matter too much. Lol.

Who puts me in charge of cake watching? I mean, put me in charge of naked dancing boys. A conga line. Cocktail sipping. Or watching dramatic eye-lining tutorials. I’m never watching cake again. So much pressure. So little time. 😉 *Giggles*

Hope your Wednesday is going well x

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