But Mama, I is Blind

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God! Today, I’ve got my eye test and I hardly ever get my eyes tested simply because you only need to do it every 2 years and i only ever do it, in order to be able to purchase another bundle of sight. (I begrudge having to pay for something like ‘just being able to see.’ Haha. I always think it’s not fair. 🙂 Why can’t I just have working eyes??)

But yes, nothing is more humbling than taking off your glasses or slipping out your contact lenses, thinking your some kind of glamour pussy hero and being blind as a bat, as a dashing optician makes you attempt to read the tiniest letters in all of the land…that you CANNOT AT ALL SEE! Lol. It is literally awful. It totally makes you feel as thick as piggy poop. Then they blow air in your eye balls, turn out the lights, get really close to your face and place numerous ‘cray cray’ specs on you, until you’re not blind again.

I either get really embarrassed or peeved off, depending on my hormones. So, i’ll either be quiet as a mouse, or rebel because i feel insecure and just give in, whilst throwing a strop. 🙂 *Ugh, i just can’t read any of it!!!*

Both work. I’ll still strut out with sight. And pay for it.

I’m early for my appointment. I have two and they’re sort of spaced out, meaning i have one in the morning and one after lunch. This means i have to dawdle around waiting with nothing to do, until i get to my second appointment. I’m not good at ‘the dawdle.’ I just hide.

If you can see without specs…be super grateful.

Eye test day, is the only day where in which i will completely refuse to ramble on about ‘Geek chic.’ I ramble on about my specs and ‘Geek chic’ a lot. But I would wouldn’t I because i’m a twit.

I’m currently sat in my car, blogging, in Morrison’s car park, listening to Capital Fm’s throwback tunes and with a Costa coffee.

I’m really loving not being at work now. So booyah! I might be blind, but whocares, i’m not in my blue polo!

(Awww, Danielle’s just text me saying that she misses me. *Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* I miss her soooooooooooo much! It’s really hard when people venture off into new chapters, without you, isn’t it? But a girls godda do, what a girls godda do…and if her ‘godda’ is to ‘be a nurse’ then all you can do is celebrate it for her.)




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