But Baby it’s cold outside…


Okay, so you know you have met your match when you are literally *booted* out the way mid ‘OMG Keiran watch me do my Wedding march‘ for a ‘catwalk’ practice run. My Handsome has booked his first EVER modelling gig, where he will be adorning a *strut* on a catwalk, at Liverpool Fashion Fest on Feb 12th. We’re both really excited because it feels good that i’ve managed to help make his dreams come true…a little. I mean, the last time he worked a ‘strut,’ we were waiting to jump in the elevator at the Park Plaza Hotel in Leeds. He was ‘catwalking’ up and down infront of a full length mirror, telling me he thought he’d be good at it. (Cute! 🙂 )

Anyway, long story short, he got picked out of hundreds of very dreamy applicants to ‘walk his walk’ on the runway and model. Now, i’m all good with him jumping for joy and finding that wiggle in his ‘wahoo.’ YET, i’m the ultimate Glamour Puss!! I got BOOTED OUT THE WAY, mid- ‘here comes the fucking bride,’ when i was all smiles, with my imaginary bouquet and everything…step digging from the living room to the kitchen, for his, Ru Paul ‘supermodel work it.’ LMAO. I do adore him. However, as always with boys, my projects are turning into monsters! 🙂

Baby Ruby has been divine. We’re all getting a little sicky, due to her love for carrying germs from nursery, back to our little home with utter glee. I look at her and see the world. We both do and well we realize that all that matters in life, other than loving the life you live, is family. The boy/girl you love romantically, will eventually become your family. Therefore it’s important you look waay into the future and pick well. I love Keiran more than life itself and well we are soo good right now, that i cannot even begin to expalin how i feel. I’m not just fluffed over with a bit of ‘ooh’ and a jolly dollop of ‘laa.’ I’m internal connected to this boy with my soul, as he is to me. I mean, he has just this 2nd tweeted this: ‘I can’t wish for a better wife to be, than what i have with @chrissiewunna. Best thing in this world to of happened to me. WAHOO.’

Like I always say you kinda dream of a guy to love you that way and mean it. He looks at me and i KNOW he means it. In life, i’ve learnt to be very careful with boys because ofcourse what they say is usually never what they mean. According to hearsay the firts time a man tells you they love you, is really not when they do. They feel it much much later. My good friend Dylan in LA, who showed me how to make decent pasta and helped me emotionally abuse an inesecure magican, by a Guitar Hero once told me that women shoot straight out the ‘love tunnel’ head first and frantic, ready to take on the world and your life. Men chug out later and a great deal slower, however when they do, they feel it with ultimate strength and with a giant heart. Keiran loves me that way now and i cannot WAIT to be that mans wife. (Even though he snatched my Blackberry out of hand at lunch this afternoon TWICE and forcefully flung it on the floor, out of anger. We’ve made up since then, after a few moody faces, stern words and baby sized tears. I’m schooled in the art of ‘boy’ and like all boys this one wants to do well in life and be the best he can he. When he feels like he can’t be there 100%, he throws a wobbly and needs his little Wunna cheerleader. I’m usually a great bit of cheerleader. However today and because of the way he spoke to me, i chose to text, through his pain. (‘Keiran, I WON’T listen to you, until you GIVE ME BACK MY PROPERTY!’) Like I earlier…we’ve kissed, napped, sexed and made up since then. We have a wonderful sex life and an even greater future. When men feel weak, or deeply in love, they retreat and love their lady a great deal more than they did before. What i like about him is unlike most men that fancy a bit of ‘The Wunna’ who fall for a photo, a fantasy, or for a bit of a benefit. He fell for me (UGH my phones ringing, which i FYI find annoying whilst i blog) but he fell for me and met me under very normal circumstances and romantically did everything ‘fairytale.’ I mean he asked me to marry him after 5 weeks, after dinners and flowers and utter rainbow showers of romance. We wake up every monring ..have a giggle and play and begin each day with a glittery innocent love, that only we will ever understand. (This morning when he was pulling off my eyelashes, messing up my hair, and telling me and my boobs that we looked like a granny and that he loved us more than the world. I told him that he looked like a ‘Lollipop Lady…on CRACK,’ when he was banning me from willy, with a ‘talk to the hand’ palm and a crazy face. 🙂 Then i went to my meeting and got ready to make justice my forte!)

I’ve got a lot going on in my head right now, because like the man in my life, i want to do well and NEED TO. I’ve been blessed with grat opportunity and i want to capitalise on my talents now and really beckon in the big bucks, doing something that i love to do. I kinda have it in the bag now. Yet when you have dependants, you’re always under more pressure ot perform. Right now life is good and mildy stress. For once i don’t feel like i’m walking the plank with a wine and crossed fingers. I’ve recieved a bunch of emails, inboxes and texts from my friends all over the world ready to jump on the ‘Wunna Bus’ whilst he revs to make a move. I don’t like that because i hate naggy people. It’s rude. Therefore i’m keeping my eye on the prize, wallowing in ‘the bubble’ and staying focussed on what I’VE got to do. Only that way will i be a success and then be able to boost my lil’ family into fortune. (Met an old Pontefract friend today..Danny Creagh. He called out my name mid traffic crossing for a catch up on life. I love meeting people from the past that we’re now all grown up. He seems to have done so wonderfully for himself since being 19 and anytime you see that happen to anyone, it’s got to bring a smile to your face…unless you’re a complete bitter wanker. Which i certainly am not. 🙂 Unless I hate you.)

I’m on my won having a bit of a blog. I have an early start tomorrow. Ruby has oral thrush? Keiran is currently at Roundhay Park in the freezing cold, ‘army training’ people. I can’t spell last names and believe everyone’s out of a Bond movie and yesterday i totally had Dairylea plonked in my clevage by an 11month old. I also wouldn’t mind winning the Lottery and i want my book to be a BIG BIG success. Oh! AND i’m also getting verbally abused by random men, who have finally realized that i don’t adore them? Why do they bother doing that? I mean one minute they want you…yet don’t know you. However the next when you’re happy with another, they take out their own pain on you? Weird innit. Welcome ot my life. I get inboxed a LOT by men, with words of love, hate, sex. They proposition me with money, pretend they’re a footballer, send me plane tickets to visit them or ask to me by slave. I’ve previously had jewellery sent, a phone, champagne and well my favourite was a framed photo of a man in Africa’s face with a ‘Your Husband’ written on it in felt tip. Lol. Don’t get me wrong, i like the gifts and appreciate them. I’m a girl at the end of the day. *Wiggle-wink.*

However, when guys inbox me naked photos of themselves with a ‘show me how naughty you are Chrissie’ my son to be hubby does not like it so much and neither do I. I also don’t appreciate the bitter boys with their ‘hate mail.’ It’s *snooze* and transparent.

Everything else in life isfairytale and perfect. Right now i’m concentrating on the things that truly matter and not ont he material bits that don’t quite yet…

Love you. Keep warm..

P/s I’ll tell you about my surprise gift from Keiran in the next blog. It was sooo sweet it made me cry. I love a little romantic treasure hunt. I’ll fill you in later 🙂

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