But always smell of roses…

Afternoon, my gorgeous treats of life. How are you? Good? Well thank the jollies for that, because the festive season is upon us and well when life seems like it may be trying to take a wiggle to the left, without your written or spoken consent, all you can kinda do is reach for your tinsel, stiletto’s and cocktail (mocktail in my case) and giggle. By all means do try and rein in that ‘wiggle-left’ back to balance. However, don’t strain your back doing it, as no Glamour EVER strains herself, be it in the bedroom, in life, or even in love. The only strain we’re meant to go through is maybe one from lifting our left ring finger, due to a very heavy ‘forever’ rock. However until that time, simply ENJOY, relax and let Christmas roll it’s way into your world with a smile. Be you a naked faced, cuddle up in pyjama’s girl, with a hot cocoa and a good book, infront of a fireplace. A sequinned ferocia of full faced  ‘gimme handsome-good time’ in nipple tassles, with a wine, or simply just a girl looking forward to what life  may have on offer in the coming year. (Provided the world doesn’t end and we don’t all end up dead on Dec 21st. I would’ve just turned 32, so it’d be rather cruel of the Heavens to do such a thing. ‘I know!! Lets turn that ‘Wunna’ -now a Thompson cow, another year older just to piss her off, before we do the big ‘end of the world’ marlarky. Yeah, that would be a treat! Hey you’re old and now you’re dead. Banners?’) 

But anyway, i’m feeling great today. Not over joyed like i could shimmie to thrusty boyband tracks. But okay and anytime someone is okay, then they’re still ‘good.’ Like i hate it when people say they’re ‘okay’ or ‘fine’ for a bit of sympathy or attention, when they’re really not one bit chipper in the slightest, awaiting for the other party to pamper their pity shindig with champagne wordy cocktails, in the form of ‘aww’ in the case of boys or ‘you’ve actually something wrong really’ in the case of girls. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve done that before. However, 99% of the time, i’m more of a ‘no..you’ve pissed me off‘ tell it to you straight, kinda chica of wink. People don’t usually enjoy that, but in my world, it’s always a much better way to be. Now, i’m older i’ve learnt to do it charmingly with people i don’t really know and far less charmingly with the people i do know. It still works and well if it ain’t broke….:)

Well it’s Christmas in 4 weeks, i’ve bought nothing, i don’t even have the tree up, that Keiran keeps promising me he will get from the loft. I watched the Wakefield edition of ‘Come Dine With Me’ earlier and was astonished at our horrifically ill mannered they were. I mean, why when throwing a dinner party would you EVER bring a pet ferret, an actual RODENT to the dinner table, as people are about to eat their dinner AND you’re about to cook the dinner, they’re about to EAT! I’m sure restuarants got shut down for shit like that. Not awarded points or with £1000 for such jiggery pokery. 🙂 Only in Wakey. Luckily, i’m currently in Pontefract and well anytime you’re saying ‘LUCKILY i’m in Pontefract’ things must be bad in the other town of Yorkshire delight. At least the air smells of Haribo here and not aquainted slaggy boys and druggy girls hooking up…or ferrets. Bottom line, no rodents at the dinner table. We don’t one bit care if they are named ‘Eddie.’ Nil points.

This morning i managed to book my second scan for the baby. It’s on Jan 11th 2013 at 2.30pm. I’m very excited. We both are. (Meaning Keiran.) It’s the scan where we find out if our little giblet is a Prince or a Princess and it’s actual rocks up sooner than we think. There was a mild fluster at the fact that we had thought my notes has gone missing and we’re calling the hospital madly, in order to trace them. We later found that Keiran had plonked them on top of the kitchen cupboards…the highest place in the entire world to me. Therefore i’ve learnt if you ever need to hide anything from anyone, go high. They play the part of ‘lost’ for ages. 🙂 I asked Ruby the other morning is she was going to love her new baby brother or sister that currently lives in mummy’s belly? She smiled, wiggled and then said ‘No.’ 🙂 She’s already learnt to be evil with charm. I’m the best parent ever! *Hurrah*

The made up newspaper story about Kweku and I, doesn’t bother me anymore. I’m managed to ‘let go’ of being peeved off at it, as i’m made of much stronger glitter bricks than that and laugh. If you can’t find things funny in the end, then they really do matter and well if something is completely untrue and there’s nothing you can do to rectify it, all you can do is *clink* ya mocktail and hair-toss. I re-looked at the paper today and found humour in the fact that the story, although big sized, was wedged between a half priced Christmas tree sale, a pillow that you can use as a boyfriend, (odd) and some story about a pensioner and his friends who were pigeons. Everything on that page was pure comedy. Meaning it isn’t too bad after all. When people are talking about you and you have no idea why or where they got their information from, you must be worth the chitter. I’ve had people say something, people say nothing, people telling me not to worry and people telling me off. I hate getting told off for things i’ve haven’t even done.  You cant tell me off. I’m fabulous! Plus, wait until i’ve done something wrong to give me a good old shouty. Surely if i was going to plant something in a national paper about myself, i would make sure it was something GOOD, where i would be seen in a wonderful light, that promoted something i was about to wing out. Instead, i groomed, forgot about it and enjoyed lunch out at Ask with ‘The Handsome Keiran’ and happily talked life over pasta and apple juice. The good thing about small stories is that they die out almost immediately and  are used for kitty litter the next day.

Life is good right now and well i hope it continues in this fashion. I’m looking forward to all that life has on offer for me, (can’t wait to start the family business) and looking forward to book promo and the line of lip gloss. I’m having another bambino and i gte to find out if it’s a girl or a boy right at the beginning of the year! I have a beautiful daughter and the most supportive family. When you have a strong foundation, nothing in the world can stop you from flourishing, you just need to make sure you do it the right way and care not what others think, others say, or those who attempt to manipulate you or take advantage of you. Be bold, be brash, be noticed. But ALWAYS smell of roses.









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