But a second hand emotion…

Morning my Kitties of Kum By Arrr. (Don’t care if that’s not even nearly how it’s spelt.) Well lots is a happenning in my life, right now. I’m quite partied out, but technically, i could kinda dedicate my life to ‘the scene’ and become the most popular bratt on the planet, but then my ‘love life’ would dissolve into nothingness. (Oooh! Like it is now.)

 ‘Lashes’ is no longer remotely attentive, but is still calling & still fancies Me etc… Like why to guys call you, and then act all unattentive, but half sweet. LOL. He doesn’t like that i have fun without him, yet doesn’t really want to have fun with me. Making it quite a difficult combination of sorts. He wants me at home scrubbing crusty gussets, cleaning dirty floorboards and basically putting out. UGH! AND he sang a merry jingle he had wrote called, ‘I snagged an older woman,’ at Me. (Kinda made me feel like a tally. But it is quite a popular thing to do right now, boys! Wink! Wink.) I cleaned my appartment in nothing but a thong and silver heels yesterday. (Hahahaha…) And infront of my window, but acted like i was fully clothed and like the passerby’s were perverts!!! Once it was all clean, all i wanted was to be talked dirty to. (Daddy is that you??)

Okay so, there’s this other guy ( i get asked out a lot) called ‘Anthony,’ who is EXTREMELY delicious, and 28… spied me one day in a shopping mall, smiled, walked away, and came back with a note in his hand, reading something on the lines of ‘I’m a man that goes for what he wants, & ur beautiful…so it’s worth being brave and giving it a shot.’ (Followed by his number.) I haven’t hung out with him. I’ve never really spoken to him, since that day. He text me the other day for coffee. Maybe i should grab a bit of caffeine one night and see? But i can’t be bothered.. I mean i did like his brave ‘note’ move, and it happens quite a lot in my life. But i feel like i remember him trying to have a threesome with me and my chick friend and yeah i didn’t like that too much. I’m not into threesomes at ALL. It’s far too messy. Plus, it’s hard enough taking care of one person ( and that would be ME) let alone 2 others!!! Hahaha… (Not saying i haven’t done it though. Hahah…slag. I’m just a girl with a sexually experienced past. My story just naturally fell that way. I’m now getting a series of ‘can’t believe i did that’ flashback. Fucking awful. Hollywood did that to me. My blog became quite popular over there and very very fast, due to it.)

Anyway don’t know why i’m going on about all these boys, because i do actually like someone right now. Well it’s more than like. I oddly feel for them quite deeply, if i really can be bothered to think hard about it. (Ugh, i just fucked up my computer screen and i’m getting BBm’s galore off Gay Adam..who feels up muslims, for sick fucking kicks. Cunt!)

Oh, i’ve been recieving lots of messages from people who want to know how to have their own blog. Well firstly all you kinda have to do is WRITE ONE! It’s not really that hard. Don’t know how you didn’t think of that. Lol. If a floozey like me can handle one, then you can widdle one up in a snappy really. Then i get asked, how to make it popular??? Well i never really started writing my blog thinking that it would one day ever become popular. I was just bored one afternoon in LA, but had this Hollywood life, and a man called DK in a coffee shop (who i miss because he saved my life from abusive drug use) told me to do it. And i think i yelled ‘NO’ at him. He typed out my first one for me on Myspace, that i dictated to him because i was being a moody fucking bitch. In a couple months…i had the biggest blog for a nobody EVER! Have no idea why??? I mean, i don’t write about celebrities (which is the quickest way to draw hits to your site, as they are often searched…) like say Perez Hilton (who i love) does. I just write about Me. But start it because you LOVE it and not because you want to get noticed.  I’ve done this for years out of nothing but love. Oh and it helps, if your honest, naughty & kinda have a certain lifestyle…well A LIFE!!! (My friend’s bbm’ing me, who’s on a starvation diet to win ‘love,’  but wants me to do dinner with him. He doesn’t even EAT goddamitt!!! What?? We’ll go to a restaurant and look at all the food we CAN’T fucking have! Oooh sounds amazing.)

Nothing else to report other than i’m hard at work, i’m about to get coffee. I talked to Peter stringfellow last night and Jonny tried to go Blond. I dreamt about him last night, but i was oddly open legged masturbating for him??? Hahahaha…. Oh dear.

5 thoughts on “But a second hand emotion…”

  1. sappening chrissie how are u me old china did u watch the derby what a game i was buzzing when i left the boozer after that finish i am pleased u got geezers putting it on u chrissie

  2. know chatting u up here we say i just put it on a bird see i am teaching u a different language miss wunna i am your yoda if u like ha ha ha i am pleased u are good babe i love your stories i bet u are the bollocks to get pissed with


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