I’m juggling soo much right now, that my life is an internal glittery swirl of mayhem. No-one actually knows of the mayhem and simply because i’m quite good at doing the ‘hey-everything’s okay’ face, with a wiggle.

The weekend (that i don’t even have time to tell you about right now,) has been insane, filled with fun, rum, photoshoots, the art of ‘le bonk’…random bits of drunken origami..love, life, driving, power cuts, new hair, book news, screen plays, storm offs, a bit of a bicker, wine and excitement for the future. Dreams are coming true and i cannot even believe it!

I’ll have to tell you all about it later, because i’m juggling being a mum, a future wife, a worker, a bit glitzy and well a champion at life..and a money maker…as i wiggle back into entertainment.

However right now..i’m in pink pinstripes and i’m having to troll off into the frost, to get my chilly asian arse to work.

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