Busy, Quiet, Noodle dipped, Willy Pics?


I was busy doing nothing today and although it was nice to enjoy a bit of peace…as all business seems to come to a merry ‘pause’ during the month of January, as most darlings, find that the Christmas merriment got the better of them and well with that, there’s a hole in most empty wallets, until paid day. However, it seems that i do like to be busy and simply because when i’m not rushed off my feet and i need to be rushed off my feet in order to stay occupied mentally, i become playfully naughty and well i think the term is ‘a twat.’ πŸ™‚ I’m never hardcore naughty and if i am you’ll never hear about it, as i’ll smooth it over with charm, winks and laughter. But i’m ‘playfully’ naughty and well it’s all got to be about ME. Attention. Attention. Attention. I am worse than a child. Lol. I took my boredom out on my good friend’ Booty,’ (who kept nodding and yeahing at me, whilst not listening and choosing to scrub a ceiling, for 2 hours.)

But yes, it was quiet at the day job…HOWEVER MY LASH BUSINESS WASN’T!! It’s crazy because beauty is always a good idea. No matter what, be it hot, cold, be people rich or poor, they like to treat themselves and try to look that little bit better. In fact MORE SO in the New Year. We’re only six days in and i’ve had people stop me and ask me how i apparently ‘look so good’ Lol as it seems Januaury means that we want to whop out the ‘New us.’ For women, this always comes with a need to look better.

So yes, lashes doing really well, to the point where i’ve shocked myself. I don’t even know what to say to you, except KITTENS…I HAVE A BUSINESS! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Can you even believe it! So being a single mum of two, going through a marriage breakdown, a house move and working (at one point ) two full time jobs doesn’t mean you can’t make your dreams come true ladies! YOU CAN! You definitely can. And yeah you will get stressed, have a weep or a wine, and you will whop out a pity party now again and feel like you’re swirling down the plug hole blind. But in the end….you’ll do it. IF YOU STAY DETERMIND AND PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER. I have sold CRAZY lash amounts in a month and let me tell you, it feels AMAZING to have accidentally achieved. I feel like i haven’t even tried yet or haven’t even done my best, due to other work commitments. So having not even begun…i’ve begun really well. πŸ™‚

Right now, i’m excited for the weekend, where I’ll be doing drinks in Leeds and enjoying my pretty little self. (Well I hope I will be. I still have to confirm it all yet.) I’m going to work hard this year, yet i promised myself to have more fun…to me things are all about balance.

I have the day off tomorrow and well life is pretty great, i don’t even have anything to complain about.

On the boy front, it seems i’m weirdly popular. I said I wanted ‘cuddles and noodles’ and before you know it a bunch of men had sent me pictures of Pot Noodles and demanded that i come over? Obviously, I’m very flattered, yet I knew none of them and well it takes a nit more than a plastic tub of the worst noodles ever. But i’m grateful for the adoration. It’s what keeps my wink afloat and i don’t even deny it. I know what I want in a guy…and well I enjoy a funny picture…it’s just the fact that they really did actually want me to go around to their home. πŸ™‚

Saying that, a funny message happened the other day (and I am more and more acquainted with this being now so I can laugh about it openly, as it’s not weird and they don’t mind me telling the story) but my Facebook inbox was messaged by a gent who just wanted to tell me how great I was etc etc…Lol. Anyway, as usual, ‘great’ turned into ‘horny’ which turned into a willy pic and I had reassured the random gentleman that he was very kind, but I really didn’t need a picture of his willy. However, his sheer determination to show me it humoured me and within minutes…there it was! That’s how crazy being a guy is! HAHAHA.

And the funny thing about it (now that I can laugh about it with the being, who really didn’t mean to send me such a picture…) is the simple fact that he stated that he didn’t care if I told people about the willy picture…and was more upset about people knowing (if i ever dare tell them) that he bought a Pot Noodle for his tea. Lol And he bought the gayest one. The ‘Bombay Bad Boy’ which screams insecurity. πŸ™‚

So, i’ve decided that I bring out the best and worst out in men. and once they’ve gotten over their initial ‘willy party in pants’…they can then get on with me normally. This is why it’s better if you know me already, casually, in your every day life. Or have taken the time to get to know me better before that moment occurs.That way i’m not that exciting and things can me tended to in a much more regular fashion.

I’m tired tonight because I couldn’t at all sleep and i don’t know why? I’m having a night cap that I didn’t really need, as i could curl up under blankets already and have a snoozy.

I feel like i’ve had this wonderful life and only now is it coming to fruition.

Things are getting exciting…

Stay tuned..

C x


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