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So…he charmed his way back into my heart, I mean, it’s the month of love and all that shi’wiggle. If you can’t let Cupid get the better of you in February, then when can you?

I was doing excessively well at completely ignoring him and grunting, however, after a good half a day of it and after I emailed him, whilst he was sat in the room next door…(it was an ‘olive’ branch’ cleverly disguised as a ‘business email.’ Not talking for that long was killing me and I do mean not talking in general.)

Anyway, long story short, he popped into the bedroom all smiley and charming. Put on a baby voiced and woo’ed himself back in the game. Well done! (Later on in the day, he actually mentioned the hilarious pizza burning incident, by stating that he never actually burnt it and that it was absolutely delicious! #yeahsure Lol. Why was the smoke alarm going off then? I’ll ask Gordon Ramsey if that’s normal. 🙂

We had a lot of work to get through yesterday, a LOT and so it made it so much easier knowing that we were back to fairytale once more and living our love story. When one of us is thrown off balance you can see an immediately change in our environment. It’s awful. We have this connection and when that gets tampered with…we go all wobbly, because we bizarrely need the other one to hold us up. Don’t you think that’s odd? I mean, we’re both really independent people. Highly independent. We do our own things in life when it comes to money and business. Yet we are as one and can’t be separated. There’s Wunna land..which is all pink, fluffy, feathered winks and girly cocktails. Then there’s his land…which is all alpha male and business, business, moments of hair doing and more business. Very different. Very separate. However, together we glue as one, creating one delicious world, which I like to call ‘The Bubble.’ It’s #TeamSexy.

We’re really similar and see the world through the same eyes. We want the same million dollar result and that is essential when it comes to life partners. Yet at the same time, away from the business, we’re true little love bunnies, who prance in fields with love hearts floating around us, as we giggle. However, there are very different streaks to our natures that make us ideal, as you need that streak of difference in order to keep the balance. I’m the brains. He’s the muscle. Yet he has a working brain also and I have great boobs. Its a win/win really.

Okay, enough about us, we’re good and delicious! You’ve heard it a million times.

Right now, Keiran has bought a brand new property in Barnsley and only really bought it to rent out to people for profit. So yesterday he was getting the legalities of it all together and making sure the contracts were exactly right. (We haven’t found a renter yet, so if you need a luxury apartment….get in contact, now.)

I was in the other room with my Jackie Collins novel, 🙂 kitten sprawled on the bed, Googling and sorting out my online promo. Basically, I ‘ve got a telly show coming up and a few other bits of ‘lovely-lovely,’ a book to promote, a book to write, a beauty salon to open and a lip gloss line to sell you shortly. That’s a lot and well you can’t do all of that successfully, if you don’t have an online presence. I like to be in actual contact with everyone who are ‘the fans’ because it is those people who get you where you want to be in life and i’m very very grateful. You’re like my boss.

Anyway, in the midst of all that, whilst also beginning promotion on Keiran’s business…I got 2 emails in from friends, who now want me to take over THEIR social media and make them popular. (They have businesses.) At first I was all ‘hello, i’m preggo and with a Jackie Collins novel right now.’ However, then when they offered me money, I went with ‘ABSOLUTELY.’ 🙂

I chatted to the rest of ‘The Bubble’ in Wunna land and we all went with ‘yes.’ So, within 15 minutes, I had all the promo material printed up for my new ‘not a business’ freelance social media business, where i take small services or little fish and turn them into popular services and big fish (which is easy really) and before you know it, I found myself trying to order glossy, glamour pussy presentation packs. It’s really exciting! I’m getting the inserts printed out today! I still haven’t found the presentation packs yet thought.

However, before all that, I do have two books to read before I begin to write and i’ve got to make a phone call today about a certain launch for a project that i’ve been filming throughout the whole of last year.

I had a super poorly Baby Ruby last night, making everything a little bit harder, so I couldn’t call back all the appropriate people, so i intend to this morning. Saying that, i woke up in the worst bed arrangement possible. There was a very handsome and very naked Keiran, (his body is hot right now, ) an ill oriental baby with a snotty nose, a bump that i’ve been told is a ‘boy’ kicking his way out of my insides and well ME… All I can say is that I was actually the sanest in those sheets and when that happens, who know things are just not right!

I need coffee first, before getting to phone calls. I also have a 11.15am appointment with the midwife to listen to the baby bumps heart beat. Life is filled with a busy rush of craziness, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Successful people always look at what they already have and the opportunities they have being offered to them. Unsuccessful people always look at what they don’t have and see life as difficult.

It’s as easy as you make it dolls.

Been ‘Kitten’ and keep it sexy! I’ll check in later, when i’m more awake and have news.

Love you lots,


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