Busy, busy, rush, rush…

Busy! Busy! Busy!

You know when you just can’t gather your thoughts enough because you have so much to organize, in such a small amount of time and it has to be done right and mainly because you are responsible for other people also. That’s me right now.

My mind isn’t boggled, but simply as busy as can be. I have all sorts of jiggery pokery rushing through my little kitten head and i’m trying to get it all done and dusted with a glitzy wang of my magic wand.

I have a poorly Baby Ruby. I have a Keiran that i’m having to organize travel for. I’m rushed off my feet, in order to make sure the ‘my’ part of life is running smoothing and infact, i’m doing pretty alright at it.

This morning was wonderful because i managed to lay in with my darling little daughter, who looked at me with a ‘sad face’ of ‘got a cold’ ouchy and simply said ‘Cuddly Puss.’ (Which in our world means ‘give me a baby cuddle now.’) Awww!

Now, i’m emailing, phone calling, organizing and a sorting to make sure all is in place for work and all is sailing appropriately.

Money is taking a big ‘look at me’ in our world right now. We’ve got really into the need of making it. I don’t know how it’s happened…but it has. Now, i’m quite the saver. I’m one to actually hate spending money that i don’t have to. It urks me out, because i’ve always been taught that if you don’t spend more than you earn, you will always be rich.

When i need a bit of therapy i’ll go out on a mad unhealthy purchasing spree, however i’ve noticed that men are really different. Men are quite ‘spendy’ aren’t they. It makes them feel better. Infact more macho. Whether they have it or they don’t…they spend. Weird concept innit?

Right now in life, i’m accumulating and wanting to do so, in order to rocket forward on a business ladder later on. I’m doing really well and because i’m staying focus, therefore although it’s not easy, it’s great.

Okay, as much as i would adore to blog away. (You know i would.) I have a faux fur in the tumble dryer. I need to pack a bag.,I have mild grooming to attend to and the rest of my face to do.

It’s all busy, busy, rush rush right now…and well like i said yesterday, today we are London bound for a Wednesyday morning meeting. Once i’m on that train i feel a great deal more relaxed. I’m sure i need a =n early morning cocktail. It keeps me thinking straight. *Wiggle-wink*

Sorry for the brief blog. But we all love briefs and keeping it frilly.

Love you…stay tuned.

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