Busy, Bunnies and Blowies

Okay my gorgeous bunnies of ‘oh my goshies-it’s nearly Easter.’ Life has tipper-tappered up and i’ve become one very busy little kitten of ‘ooh laa,’ meaning that i’m now having to play catch up with it, when it comes to informing you of my jiggery pokery.

All yesterday I was filming, after being summoned to a ‘headquarters’ with my fairytale bag of tricks. I sauntered up to Wakefield Westgate in my giant faux fur, flat cap, fur boots in the snow, got on my ‘3 hour journey train’ down south, realized that it wasn’t snowing at all anymore and looked like a plonker for the rest of my fashion crime journey. I obviously can’t tell you what i’m up too, but i do have an entire year of being filmed for the most AMAZING project ever. (And i’m not just saying that because i’m in it. I’m saying it because my ‘Handsome Keiran,’ Baby Ruby are also in it and we are working alongside one of the most amazing bits of ‘headquarters’ ever…with a team so delicious you could smear them in cream and dash them over with glitter sticks.

Long day, but wonderful day. However, i do need to remember to eat and i do need to remember to rest. My handsome hubby to be (who i adore more than anything) and I were up until 1am, working in our living room…and i do mean actually WORKING and not WORKING IT. (For once. 😉 ) I drank a bottle of wine and he worked hard, whilst watching women cage fight on the telly. Then we’d swop and i’d be rolling out product and getting excited for the next day to come. (I will take this moment to say that i despise cage fighting girls. I want to give them my lipgloss and a cuddle and tell them that life really is much kinder than having another ‘man body’ chick box you in the face for money. Women should be cherished. Okay…preach time over. 🙂 I don’t like violence. Unless i need to be violent. *Wiggle-wink*

Life has changed so much over the las couple months. I cannot even being to describe the amount that Keiran and I have achieved by accident…and we’re just this little couple from Wakey. I mean we’re doing ‘one in a lifetime’ things, that we can’t even believe that we’ve been blessed with and all at the same time learning about ourselves, life, love and dreams. We’re also learning about our surroundings and how people are now treating us because of this sudden burst of (what i call) ‘beginning success.’ We’re getting a great deal of support, with we are ever so grateful of and then where you would think we would have support, we’re looking and noticing a lot. However we’re not too bothered by it, we’re lucky, we sat and spoke about it over drinks at The Castle, with a glorious meal, by a cosy open wood burning fire. We loved, laughed, giggled and enjoyed life. We don’t have it bad at all and well not one second goes by without us being grateful. We looked at each other and expressed how much we loved each other and how we couldn’t even believe how much is happening. All that matters in life is love and a solid foundation. Once you have that, then you the planted roots to row and achieve anything! There’s no pieces missing from our jigsaw right now and well that’s why we’re doing well. We’re trying really hard and even though i tell you that i get through life with nothin but a wink. Let me tell you…it takes a lot more than a half decent wiggle to have opportunity knock on your door. I learnt that yesterday. Life is AMAZING.

Other than all that…the day before, we were in the living room taking care of the delicious baby Ruby, who wasn’t allowed in nursery due to her doing far too many poos, for the daughter of a Glamour Puss. Most couples would be enjoying a bit of Jeremy Kyle. (I do at the best of times. meaning we are pretty much like ‘most.’) YET we found ourselves in a moment, where i was on the phone to the National Press Association (twice) regarding an exclusive about my upcoming book and my new love, wedding, baby…everything. We have journalists now scrambling for an exclusive, to the point where my agent and publishing house are having to talk to them all and negociate. Crazy much!

Whilst all this was happening and dont forget we’re singing and playing with the very ‘look at me everyone’ Ruby…Keiran is on the phone, being auditioned for a whole other show, which would be GREAT! Life is manic and if you add the current filming, the products, the book launch, the tour, being parents to a very little girl, the interviews, the travel, the day jobs and then us both having to run our own companies, you have very sexy, but very busy human beings. The wonderful thing about us is that no matter what we know what matters in life and all that schedule is deliciously littered with very fun loving and very romantic moments of true love. WE CANNOT WAIT TO BE NEWLY WEDs! I cant wait to tip top up that isle in my tiara…and wallow in a whirlwind of utter confetti like bliss of ‘Happily Ever After.’

I can’t even think to tell what else i have to tell you? I have a lot of admin work to get through today..so i better get off. You’re dreams will come true, but only if you make them happen. Everything can change in a moment and when it does, you’ll be grateful for all your hard work. The people that waste time on bitterness, should use that energy on making their own dreams come true. The world is a wonderful place, when you’re in love. I’m feeling over the moon.

Big kisses,

C x

ps/ Ruby’s current favourite word is ‘Uh-oh.’ (That says it all really.) Oh and Keiran wants me to inform you that i’m not feeding him. 🙂 OH!! Wait, an update on my Wunna words of Wisdom. You know that i told you that the only way to this mans heart is to make him bacon. I was wrong. I gave him a ‘really great’ blow job the other day and the response to that was FAR GREATER. He was excited about life for the entire rest of the day and wanting to repropose in stationary stores and everything. Therefore ‘bacon’ for little things. Blowjobs for big things. 🙂

 My worldwide press release for my book goes out today. Fingers Crosesd! EEk!

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