Business…Business…Talk…Talk and boners

So, i’m back from London, after quite a decent Friday of looking, talking and planning for the future. Dreams, hopes and ambition seemed to take charge of my weekend, as i found myself in conversation after conversation about business. How it works, how i want my world to work, how others have made their life work for them, dipped with determination.

Unfortunately for me, right now i’m in that PMT-ey week before my glorious monthly cycle and well even though i’ve managed to snap out of it, due to a good news phone call, trying to balance and juggle my feisty hormones is a task in itself. *Go on…do a YIPPEEE here.*

I’m currently learning a lot about life, people and the world, but  now to the point where my head is filled with soooo much of everything, that it is overloading in a forceful ‘mush’ like fashion. My mind needs a break, a frilly, gallop-like break of ‘freedom.’ So, i think after such a ‘thinking’ weekend of work, future and planning, i’m in need of a little romance, affection and light hearted entertainment, of the good, whole pure sort.

I’ve done well in life and i feel really comfortable. I’m wanting to succeed further and that will just happening naturally and because it weirdly usually does, as i manage to put in the effort when i need to. I try not to waste my energy and instead use it at the right time effectively. I know what i’m doing, even when most believe i don’t and i know when others are lost..and simply because i’ve been there….ages ago.

London was great! Sunny, chipper and fun. Keiran and i trained down there to watch a tv show being made. Being in the audience of a show is waaay different to being part of a show. Although insightful…it’s never ever as fun, as being part of it all really. You kinda just want to get up and have a go, yet you’re forced to stay in your seat and applaud. Lol. I believe i’m a kitten who loves applause more than having to applaud. 🙂 (I blame my upbringing…and the planets.)

Brief banter and a wave with the ‘done very well for himself’ Mark Wright and beautiful newly engaged Melanie Sykes and then it was suddenly 10.30pm and time to go back to the hotel.

We walked back and gobbled up a delightful combination of 24/7 bar food of nachos and chicken sandwiches, then it was up to room 615 for naked cuddling, more talks of the future, sex and bed time. (I’m excited for the future, yet feeling mildy insecure right now, this is probably because of my yummy hormones getting the better of me, yet i’m feeling old, not as attractive as i used to be and a dolly bit down. It’s the usual ‘girl’ stuff and nothing that a bit of romance with a side of love can’t mend. I love romance, it keeps me alive and makes me feel like i can conquer the world. It brings out the best in me and rockets me forward to a place where i’m actually ‘useful.’)

I’m home now and exhausted. It’s crazy how travelling can take it out of you and with very limited rest we’re back in London on Tuesday…for more of the world of entertainment, as we pavement pound and meet people, who can give us a boost up that ladder of ‘look at me,’ which i often refer to as ‘Greatness.’ I’m quite fond of a bit of ‘look at me’ right now and maybe because i’m getting old and need it to out that skip in my step. I’m also quite fond of money making, (as is the husband..who finds me more and more attractive the more i talk about it. Like honestly, you can watch his face change when i talk dollar-dollar. It’s like a weird turn on to him and he has a party in his pants to the sound of kitty cat excitement. He accidentally clipped me in his sleep, with the performance of a bizarre ‘air punch’ that he was delivering in his sleep. He woke himself up doing it, after i girly moaned with a ‘You’ve punched me! What were you fricking dreaming of!!!??!!’

Anyway, it turns out he was dreaming of an ‘adult’ gameshow? (So porny things.) And apparently in this dream i had done something bad, so he was punching me in his dreams??? Lol. Erm..who said romance was dead. I knew he was dreaming of something dirty and simply because he had a boner through his entire nights sleep. He says he always has one…but he doesn’t. That night…he did. Lord knows what he was dreaming of.

On the whole life is great. I’m adoring my Baby Ruby and in life, like ive always said, it’s important for me to do well for her and be the most loving mother she could ever have. I grew up with the most loving parents, who never really punished me, instead they loved and cherished me, even when i had done wrong..and I thank them for it, because it made me grow up to be a really decent mummy. I mean i look her, with her 1 yr old swagger and my heart just gushes. I treat her with a softness and a lovability (that’s not a word) that i believe more children should of had growing up. My mum always says to me, that even now when she looks at me, she cannot even think about hurting me, emotionally, physically or mentally and simply because she loves me sooo much and acts without an inch of selfishness. It’s my job to make sure i pass on this trait, as i’m the chica responsible for loving and protecting my bambino. I hear of all these awful stories of how mothers have treated their babies and how they’ve put themselves before the welfare of their OWN children. I’m one who waves the flag for the protection of every child and the celebration of all women and when i pass i’ll have a little girl who hold her head up high and says ‘I truely loved my mummy.’

Okay, it’s Sunday. Lord knows what you’re all up too. I need lunch, romance and an outfit for tomorrow.

It’s important to go make your dreams come true and push your way to the success you can see yourself being, mixed in with good, fun ‘down time.’ From the people that do ‘push’ the majority of them succeed. Infact, lots of people have succeeded in life and because they never gave up and always picked themselves up to try again. I’ve always been of that nature. I mean, you all know, it takes a whole lot of hell to keep me down and not fighting and even then i’d still get up and plonk you on the head with a kipper. (That sounded rude. #yay)

However, at the same time it’s important to concentrate on what YOUR DOING in life and not on how well or poorly OTHERS are doing. It’s not a race, nor anything to be bitter about. Do well in your own right and you will never ever been unhappy and infact, beat all the rest. (Incase you are competitive. ;))



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