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My tea is scaring me!!!! When I say ‘tea,’ I do mean my cup of tea and not my actual early dinner. In Yorkshire we refer to our diner as ‘tea.’

Anyway, there I was trying to be all healthy and make a great herbal choice and before you know it, i’m reading the box to my delightful herbal slimming tea and it says that it may cause ‘loose stools,’ followed by the fact that you’re only allowed to have ‘1 cup per day, on an evening.’ Tea with rules, is SCARY. Tea doesn’t have rules. You can dip digestives in it, have it hot, cold, with lemon or with sympathy even. There’s usually no rules. My tea…has rules. That is not okay.

And there I am muttering on about the ‘rules’ part of it all when I should be SCREAMING OUT the fact that it ‘may cause loose stools.’


I’m a Glamour Puss, I can’t do ‘loose stools!!’ That’s not diamond dripped, that’s what apes do! I’m drinking it anyway because once i’ve started a herbal slimming tea, I might as well get to finishing it. However, it’s already making my tummy do funny liquid, rumbly noises and I had to drink it ‘with food.’ Lord knows what’s going to happen to me??  I’ll end up being a ‘botty binner.’ I’ll probably make like a Chihuahua and hitch up a back leg, up against a tree by accident. Oh nooooo! I’m frightfully disappointed in myself for believing the hype, when marketing is what I do. 🙂 To be honest, I didn’t really believe the hype. I just felt excessively bloated, so went for something that read ‘Slimming’ just to make myself feel better. I guess, it intends to slim me by making me shoot poo’s out my system, constantly and whilst no-one’s looking. Ugh! Get me back to Wunna land!! ‘Toto! I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.’

Okay, so i’m happy today because i’m organized. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now. I’m a bit hormonal and very much needing space, but i’m excited. My mind is ticking and i love my mind when it ticks because it keeps me juiced up and makes me feel alive.

As soon as I woke up and after letting the children wind me up with their usual morning jiggery pokery, (I feel bad for Ruby right now because she’s feeling not as loved as her brother, even though she is OF COURSE loved MADLY by everyone. I’m going to have a big, old loving talk with her this evening, which comes with a side of ‘just her’ and cuddles. It makes me well up when she looks at me and says that, because i feel whatever she’s going through at 2 years old emotionally, is all my fault and it’s my fault because I’M responsible for her life experience right now. She needs stability. Constant stability and now as a mum. I have to make sure I protect her emotions by shifting and  moving around the elements, so that everything fits works out perfectly for her. I had a ‘top of the stairs’ weep about it all this morning, when the children were at nursery and n-one was looking. I big cry, whilst sat on the very top step, with a coffee by my side that was placed in a red mug reading ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’ and with a side of cheese. Odd…I know. It just upsets me. But i’m sorting it out. Don’t you worry!) I’m her number one stable post and i’m a good person to have on your team because i’m a fighter.

Anyway, away from all that the first thing I had to do, due to time zones was my beauty line packaging. I’m keeping up with China and conversing with them fully on a daily basis to make sure everything is exactly how I want it to be. I mean if ya going to do it, you’ve got to go all out. It’s got to be right and i’ve been one to half arse things before, but this way.

I was frustrated last night with the normal stresses of life,  but still managed to shoot off a logo and quick design idea at midnight, to my suppliers in another time zone, to make sure I would have the details and brief sample when I woke up. It’ shard work…especially with the children, but if you do the things you love, in the end it is completely worth it. I’m not someone who wastes my time. I use it wisely both in work and when it comes to my children. They are my little family and we’re AMAZING. We’re a team and we’re unstoppable because we’re filled with utter  love. Everything right now is perfect and because it is, I’m being showered with opportunity. So many wonderful things are happening to me right now that i’m feeling like the most grateful kitten in the entire world. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I want to do something GREAT…and i will.

After all that which took up most the morning, as did watching episodes of Dragon Den and reading up on people’s ‘Success Stories,’ I then surrendered to ‘Dummy running’ with a side of ‘errands.’ Got everything done! It felt good. Had my nails scraped off and pouted all the way through it. Got hone early, for a healthy lunch and well here I am, blogging between work and loving every minute of it.

I do have to go, as I have a big day tomorrow and I need to revise the brand. But yes, I love you.

Ps/ This will come in a later blog, but I’m looking forward to blogging for the In Moda Fashion Showcase on Friday in London. It’s at Beach Blanket Babylon, which just so happens to be my good friend ‘Big Brother Rex’s’ father’s restaurant. (That was mouthful.) But i’ll tell you all about that later. I love a fashion show. Especially ones that come with cocktails. I’m there Friday!

Talk to ya later.


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