Busiest bee in town…


I feel like the busiest bee in town. I’m doing really normal stuff, yet all the down time i’m having, which isn’t much at all…is spent resting, recouping, snoozing, chillaxing or being Mummy. It’s been a busy week, where there’s not been much time for anything other than work. The good thing is that life is getting back into the swing of things, meaning that in the end…this works out great. The bad thing.. I haven’t managed to spend the time with Ruby that I wanted. I’ve hardly had that precious ‘one on one’ time with her, that we BOTH need and I miss it SO much. On my days off, she’s been busy, on my days off…she’s either been away at Pete’s or I’ve had to schedule in more work.

I’ve had a day off today. Ruby is at Pete’s. Tomorrow i’m not at ‘day job,’ and Rubes would be free for ‘Mummy time,’ yet i’ve had to schedule in my photo shoot for my eyelash line and website tomorrow in Leeds. Busy. Busy. Busy. So yeah, there are parts to my before life that I miss and that was the fact that i had all the time in the world for my babies. Yet, like I said, this works out better for them in the end, as I attempt to secure them a future of wonder. I want the best for my little family and if that means i have to work hard for it, I will. Yet, i always try to strike a balance between work and family, as you need BOTH, as one can’t flourish without the other.

So, yeah..you have my ‘sorries’ for the lack of blogging, but i just couldn’t fit it in. Life is good. It’s great. But busy. I’m learning a flurry of lessons fast and i’ve hit the ground running. Even though my kitten eyes are tired, i’m loving it. Yet I DO NEED my Ruby ‘one on one’ time. After my ‘shimmie,’ i’m going to shuffle. You can have the best of everything in life. You just have to try.

My love life is looking good. It’s a dawning and it’s lovely. My sex life got back on track today….and it was THEMED. 😉

I feel like it’s Friday night but i have so much to organize for my shoot tomorrow, which is followed by a day of work on Sunday. It’ll be easy and fun…and i’ll love it. I think when you’re tired, you moan a bit more than usual, But on the whole, i’m lucky.

I don’t have anything other to report, other than busiest bee in town. Boring, I know. But i’m getting there. Oh! AND…I’m also moving this month..

To be continued…

Photo shoot tomorrow…hope the pics come out WUNNAFUL. Yay!



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