Burnt my vagina

Okay this is going to sound digustingly odd, yet it’s so marvellous that i do need to report it…like now. I have just had my vagina…. ribbon burned!! If you’re not sure what that is, and i wasn’t until it just happened to me, well, a piece of peach ribbon, attached to a dressing gown, long in length, yet very thin in width, managed to find it’s way WEDGED inside my vaginal lips. yes my ‘lips downstairs’ swallowed it in, without my knowledge, and whilst i was delighting in my chilli coriander soup, i jerked forward and got the biggest most uncomfortable ribbon burn to the inside of my vagina lips known to mankind. Unfortunately it was the longest peach ribbon ever so i tugged on it, and it just kept a going. Basically i just had two hands pulling on a piece of ribbon that had got trapped in my vaginal lips and had to slowly pull the peach darling upward, as it was stuck right up in there, burning myself, and the meaty part of my ‘wotsit’ (haha, my labia.) It hurt like hell, and the fact that i ended up having to afflict the pain upon MYSELF is the worst part. I’m not into pain and sex at the same time and i’m no longer into ribbons. Try it on ya neighbour…it’s fun!

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  1. shit fuck that that is why u shouldnt wear dressing gowns they are dangeorous . all i can imagine is if that happend to me old boy i would be in bags of trouble i hope u get un burned soon chrissie


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