Bunny Bitch

In my garden blogging under an apple tree, which has not one leaf, but 204 apples on it. It’s almost repulsive, yet oddly quite Japanesey. I had a kitten with me at some point, but it went off to have nookie with a bunny, that had erotic looking ears. I’m not horny anymore. I’m rubbish. It was simply just a bit of morning ‘ooh laa,’ that sailed on into my past with the greatest of ease! I have my spirtual advisor popping over in a short while, to advise me spiritually on things. To be honest, she gets a bit drunk, but bizarrely predicts my future with the greatest of accuracy. I mean she told me about my recent contract, and the exact date of when it would occur. Then she told me a month in advance, that i would meet my ‘Mr.Right’ on March 6th…and on that night…I actually did. I do pay her. However, i do just seem to enjoy her presence.

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