Bumble bees arse

Woke up this morning after the weirdest dream. I was in the National Enquirer, dressed in an ‘itsy bitsy, teeney weeney, yellow polka dot bikini,’ under an article about Burma, then when i turned the page there i was AGAIN, but this time in a white ballerina dress, then AGAIN on the next page…in my polka dot bikini, with some Mayor, or Prime Minister dudes head, that i completely fabricated from my imagination, replacing my head?? Not sure what this means, but it’s a sure sign that i’m crap at fancy dress, when in a dream like state. God, and in the Enquirer too!! Today is going to be a great day!!

I am completely tripping happy over this cup of tea i’m sipping. I’m off my diet, this is the first cuppa tea i’ve sampled in a week, and it’s laiden with pure honey sweetness. It’s like sucking the last drop of honey out of a bumble bees bottom. Except, theres no honey in a bumble bees arse? I need to go back to school. How am i suppose to learn about the birds and the bees, when i don’t even know what a bee bloody does??? Whatever, it’s sooooooooooooo good!

Anyway, it’s raining again. Roll on autumn!! I have a lot of errands to get through, and i despise errands in the rain. I’m merry today, and feeling thankful for all the support you boys give me!! Big hugs!! Go make bumble bee tea!!!

4 thoughts on “Bumble bees arse”

  1. i think u have been on the mush or acids aint chrissie u have some trippy dreams dont u treacle. i dont like rosie it dont do it for me i can only suffer it with ten sugars. i hope u have a lovely day chrissie take care treacle tada scratch


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