Budge up Mr.Hefner

So, i’m about to have some dinner, and i’m feeling rather popular, as all the way through the evening i’ve had my pink mobile glued to my dainty ear, as i jollied old fun, with new friends…who were running warm bubble baths. I’m feeling a bit odd really, as everyone seems to know what i’ve been getting up to this last month, yet i’m not at liberty to say anything about, what i have been getting up to this last month….which is making me just need to down bottles of champagne, throw my knickers in the air, and dance to the the tune of ‘oh you’re STILL asking me questions? I’m sorry, i didn’t hear you, i was too busy getting trollied.’ It’s a good tune!! Patience is a virtue my children!! It will be on telly, you can watch it!!

I’ve just been talking to my friends in LA, and we’ve come to the executive decision that if i could be the oriental girl version (well i couldn’t really be any other version) of Hugh Hefner…i would be, and the world really would be a better place!! I want the Chrissie Wunna PlayGirl mansion. I need boy bitches, like immediately. Hot ones!! I need an delicious entourage of sweaty hot males, who just follow me around, have a drink with me, a giggle with me, a ‘too x-rated to say’ with me, and ones who flirty argue with me, and let me sexual harass them, whenever i so please. Maybe i could just have them simply for household decoration…y’know, just roaming around aimlessly, all shirtless, and dreamy!!! Am i a whore??? (I blame my parents) I always new i was a ‘whore’ of the ‘attention’ sort, yet now, i think i’m just a plain old, pervy scrub bucket. I think it’s because i’ve been living with a bunch of random girls for AGES!!!

I’m a flirty girl, (if i see something that i likey that is), and even when i’m in the most solidly bonded relationships…i always love a good ‘wink, wink smile’ with a handsome, well bodied dreamboat!!! Guys don’t seem to mind either. I just LOVE boys…ALL boys!!! Well actually not ALL boys…if you’re one of the many exes, i probably don’t like you at all really….not even when drunky, (sad face…aww,) however i will sometimes pretend too. Three cheers!! All smiles!!

It’s a week before my period, so that’s why i’m all ‘need some loving.’ God, i’m bloody starving!!! FYI/ Sorry about the shitness of my blog….i’m just getting use to re-writing my life out for you. Bare with me…it will eventully get better.

3 thoughts on “Budge up Mr.Hefner”

  1. you would be a better version of hugh heffner chrissie everyone would repect u and we would fancvy the pantz of u as well babe best of luck with everythnig chrissie u ever need anyhelp with anythnig u let me know babe ok take care chrissie tada scratch xxx


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