Buddha belly laughs

I’ve just arrived ‘home sweet home,’ from the greatest day of giggles, and mainly at the expense of others!! The randomest things kept happenning, causing me to errupt and explode into a buddha belly laugh, every 3.4 seconds. It’s healthy to laugh out loud they say, so please do cause as much, ‘good clean’ trouble as possible, to get your daily fix of ‘Ha Ha.’ It works, and good things happen to those who laugh at others. I think??

I don’t have anything to say, except i fell down a good number of times, due to the unnecessary height of my heels. I looked all divine, and scrumptious in my faux fur white coaty, pink (makes my boobs look massive) top, and those infamous ‘bedroom eyes’ (luckily all asian girls have them…some say ‘slanted’ i say ‘bedroom.’) Then armed with bags of shopping, that i needed to purchase due to an exciting upcoming event, (Ooooooh) and the prettiest golden heels, i would trip up over my own fat foot, fall on my bum, and let out the weirdest squeak. It was hilarious..and happened a good 3-4 times. I once tumbled, ‘upside down, baby elephant’ style, from the top of a Bloomingdales escalator..all the way down to the bottom, in what i believe to be, record time!! I ‘styled it out’ and made it look even more ridiculous, without necessarily meaning too. If i was in a comedian, it was Oscar worthy. However i was just a dozey shopper…so i looked a bit of a slutty twat! GREATNESS!!

My life is turning up roses!! I love it. Wish me luck! Things are getting good my chappies!! Kisses

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  1. im pleased u are happy chirssie and it sounds like u have had a right bubble today babe and it sounds like u are looking ream all done up to spend some doe


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