Brothers, Happiness & Without Your Drama.

I definitely woke up with baby marshmallows being sprinkled upon me. Pink & white. My favourite and tasty. I took it as a sign of wonderful things to come.

Ruby: ‘I broke the no food on the bed rule.’

Me : ‘You’re alright. It’s marshmallows. You’re forgiven. Lol. If it was curry, I’m not sure it’d be my favourite wake up. Haha.’

Of course we’ve been having a wee bit of a stressful time in the delicious lands that we call ‘Wunna.’ Yet the thing that we’re all great at, on these glittery lands, is love, hard work and doing well.

All bad energy was taken ‘no notice’ of and as I looked around I noticed how much support we actually had! Our world is filled with good times and great people…For that alone, Ruby, Junior & I are grateful.

I guess if you’re not one for ‘good times’ or a human with a soul print of ‘good people,’ you’re either uninvited to the party or the party makes you feel uncomfortable.

Mum: ‘Concentrate on the things that are making you happy. You’re doing so great. Stay focused. Oh & trail blaze your career now. Go for it. You’ve got this. You’re really lucky. I love you. Show us what ya made of. Haha.’

Me: ‘Don’t worry. All’s good. I’m fine. I’ve actually never felt more confident.’

Mum: ‘What’s Junior asked for when he gets back?’

Me: ‘I know, the poor thing. He says it’s like he’s in prison. But he’s resilient. I have faith in life. He’s asked for a Santa’s box, that racing car thing, his favourite meal and Alvin & The Chipmunks on tv and to have some fun! Lol.’

(Junior’s cute. As soon as he gallops through the door, he hugs everyone uncontrollably and then dashes upstairs, as fast as his little half Asian legs can take him, switches on his CD player, turns it on full blast and sings every single Christmas song, on the CD, whilst dancing like he’s the freest bird in Wunna Land.)

Anyway, I then ran into Lynne. I’ve known Lynne for a while. I used to work with her…and she’s one of the most beautiful souls, you could ever be lucky enough to know. She’s nurturing.

It was kinda as though in that moment, life wanted to give me a *wink* of reassurance.

Lynne’s in her 60’s and there she was filled with life, love and this pure excitement, all tanned, all blond, a smile from ear to ear and her arms wide open for a cuddle.

Lynne: ‘Oh my GOSH!!! It’s so great to see you. You look great! I’ve been following your blog!!!’

‘You look beautiful! Retirements treating you well! Haha.’

She turns to Ruby,

‘I read you have a pet tortoise now!!!’

Ruby BEAMED. She loves a gush of love!

Ruby: ‘He’s called Boris!!! Junior’s wanted one for so long & Mummy surprised him!’

Bumping into Lynne made my day. She has this contagious loveliness. It sponges off on you when you get a cuddle. 🙂 I love it!!!

(Hope you’re reading this! Feel free to bump into me ANY time!!)

Then just like that. Moment to moment. One by one. I bumped.

I spent my whole entire day just bumping into people (good friends, acquaintances, strangers) everyone. Each one of them seemed so happy to see me. Each one of them showed me nothing but love.

I felt really lucky because how someone feels, how you make someone feel should I say, is a good projection of how you are or are being as a human. Innit. 😉

I always say it, but honestly the smallest things that everyone seems to do for us to make the family & I smile are so greatly appreciated.

Ruby’s obviously always heartbroken when Junior her lil’ partner in mischief isn’t by her side…

Security: ‘Don’t let an actual grown up, who should know better affect how you feel. He’s a broken grown up. You and your mother are the most beautiful women I know.’

Anyway, the smallest things like Kenny at The Mallard, having her name written on her dessert in chocolate fudge sauce, made her day.

Also ‘DBear’ asking her how she was doing, made her beam. Looking through her Instagram and laughing at the videos that her brother had filmed with her…

‘….HAHAH!!!!! Ju Ju ALWAYS does that FROGGY face MUM! He’s SO funny!!! We’ve done so much together!!!’

All of it made her soul fill with glee.

Top that with Mummy magic and a good old spoiling from Grandma…and her world was much better.

Ruby: ‘I love it. I just feel bad for my brother because he’s forcing him to…and I’m not even allowed to…’

Me: ‘….four sleeps. Your brother, like you, is the one of the strongest kids alive. Focus on the positive…Don’t get sucked into someone else’s drama. They’ve deliberately caused it to shake others up.’

Ruby: ‘It IS my drama!! You taught me to protect him…’

Me: ‘You’re 8. Enjoy being 8. Haha. I got you both. It’s nearly back to school time. Enjoy the last bits of holiday, you have left.’

She smiled. She smiled like she trusted me with all her heart.

Later that day..,,

I celebrated with cocktails, good friends, whilst being one step wiser, a juicy squeeze happier and filled to the brim with good times and laughter.

‘You’ve done well to not go nuts!’

‘Why are people douches?’

‘I saw that video you were in. It was amazing.’

‘How’s things going with…?’

‘You’re such a Queen now Wunna. Haha.’

‘Keep ya cool.’

‘What did Whatsit say to Junior??’

‘Is that a Pina Colada?’

‘I’m craving a Bloody Mary.’

‘He’s so twisted!!!’

Then I walked Boris our new tortoise. Life isn’t life until Boris is picked up from his Merry enclosure and taken on a long garden walk around Wunna Land. (Haha. I’ve loved every minute of typing that paragraph.)

Now everyone would reckon that walking a tortoise would probably not be the speediest way to spend a late afternoon.

Boris is literally the FASTEST running tortoise alive!!! One minute he’s chilling by your kitten heel & the next he’s darted off in a *FLASH*

‘RUBY!!! Chase him!! I don’t want him to get lost in a bush!!!’

I’ve never had to be more fit! It was rougher in my legs and reflexes than Pilates was!!! I swear I ran after him and placed him back at what we began calling ‘the starting line’ almost 947 times!!!!!!

There I was screaming and laughing, whilst chasing a tortoise, in a kimono, with my giant hair in, barefooted….as people were mowing the lawn!!!

This was also whilst writing a ‘this is my story’ piece…for a company, who well wanted to know ‘my story.’ Lol.

Like I said, the beginning of this year has been a test for me. One of those starts that make you ‘check yourself.’

I learnt about trust, love, friendship, family, trust, happiness, myself, TRUST and what I’m actually made of.

The rest of the year is MINE.

All bits bumped over. All the rough snags have been smoothed. I’m confident. I’m smiling. I have the best team, family and friends around me. I’m focused. I’m the best version of me so far….

Roll on September.

Here’s a little family treat for you from Wunna Land… They both wanted to have a go at FILMING THEMSELVES. Haha. So cute. We love making memories.

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