Bring back the Glamour in girls!!

Where have all the glamour girls gone?? Okay, so i’m the kind of girl that makes 100% effort to look glam or overly’done up’ 24/7, and for no other reason that looking glam, and ‘done up,’ because it’s just the girly i am, it’s the way i think girls should be, plus, i’m a desparate attention whore, and a complete show-off…..therefore ofcourse i have to always give the boys, something to talk about. Why not right?? Don’t blame me, blame my upbringing or the Gods, or the boogie??? (Wow, so many things to take the blame life is good.)

Anyway, what was i saying?? Oh yeah, i’ve just walked the afternoon streets, and peeked at the girlies who work in travel agencies, beauty stores, behind a desk, at the bank etc…and i was horrified to see, makeup- less females, with greasey hair, tied up in 4 different coloured material scrunchies, with scratched off nail polish, and a look on their face which would scare a badgers arse. Don’t get me wrong, and i’m not being judgemental ( hahah, i totally am, ) but the glamour in girls needs to be brought back.  Bosses secretaries, should not be hired based on word per minute, but based on how sexy-secretary like they can look and act, whilst doing their job, same with air stewards, same with Houswives. Any girl that has a girl like job, should be dressed to the ‘oooh laaaas’, should work the Glam, and should beable to bamboozle a man with a single look of her eye and a 2 second pop of her shirt…. like they use to in the old days. The girls working in banks then, looked like Pin-up models, who cashed your checks by day, yet gracefully paddled naked, in bubble baths, drinking champagne with you.. by night!! They did not look like they hadn’t seen a bath tub or a tanning salon in years, have 5 screaming children to feed, and had just woken up in the dodgey gutter on time to get to work, after a boozer, the night before!!!

Glamour is back in, and the sooner people realise it the better. Girls really you should know this, YOU WILL GET FREE DINNERS, presents, and proposals. I get ragged on a lot, for the way i look, or the way i dress, or the way i talk or the fact that i’m wearing a tiny skirt, or the way my face is done, when ‘….we’re only to the grocery store dear.’ However, i say, ‘fuck that,’ i’m a girl, and i LOVE being a girl, so i celebrate it with a touch of glamour puss..and that my darlings is how i get laid!

God i’m knackered now. i need tea. I just had a sandwich from Marks and Spencers, and it never goes down right, without a cuppa tea does it?? I’ll have to see if my slaves can fix me one!! Kisses

2 thoughts on “Bring back the Glamour in girls!!”

  1. Princess, as always you are totally right. (Am I kissing ass here, but what an ass!!!!–sorry I am serious). The playing field is not level so women need to use whatever weapons at hand to gain power from men. You have always known that, Princess.

    New boobs, really??? No man will be able to be within fifty feet of you and still be conscious.

  2. Chrissie,

    Glad to hear you had a fun time in Old London Town. I like to visit London
    at least once a year. And despite it’s age (IMHO) the Tube definitely the
    best way of getting around that particular city.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the movie you’re gonna be in. What’s the
    film called? I shall certainly consider going to see it at the cinema, or at
    the very least, getting it on DVD. Might even download it as well!

    Meanwhile … on the subject of boob jobs . . .

    I hope you’re not seriously thinking of ruining of your perfection by going
    under the knife to have artificial additives put in your perfect boobs!

    Believe me, you really don’t need to get fake boobs. Most boob jobs just
    look totally wrong … Victoria Beckham, Lil Kim and Rihanna for example.

    Even Katie Price has had her excessively augmented mammaries made a
    bit smaller. She was really cute in her Page 3 days before she started
    having her chest turned into a Pamela Anderson style silicon valley!

    Lest we forget … at around the time she had her first unnecessary boob
    job, The Sun decided to only feature girls with real boobs on Page 3.

    Chrissie … you’re perfect, and we love you just the way you are!



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