Brief Banter


How delicious is the weather today!! I’ve had a chilled day but been busy all at the same time. I’ve had wretched chavvy men, hardcore ‘road rage’ at me, because I *beeped* my horn at them, before they reversed into a random child. Lol. They were all sweary and irate, so actually got out of their lorry to come shout at me. However, once they got to my now open door…they just paused and stopped. Like nothing had ever happened???

Then they turned around and took it out on the random child…by repeatedly threatening him and saying the word ‘fucking’ at him continuously. Kinda stupid really. But whatever, i mean, I’m shit at driving, so if i think your reversing is crap, then it really really MUST be. 🙂 Especially if a human could end up DEAD at the end of it. Lol.

Other than that, i’ve been with the babies…i’m shattered, but finding it hilarious. FOR THE RECORD, i’m really really NOT out tonight. Yeah, i’ve had loadsa ‘come out’ text messages, but at the same time, once i’ve rubber stamped the ‘i’m really staying in’ thing, i’ve had people then saying, that they don’t know if they can be bothered to do another night of party and instead are looking for somewhere ( as in my place) to ‘rest’ and watch a ‘dvd’ at. I enjoy how i’ve turned from ‘party girl’ to Mother Teresa in one night.

‘Come to Wunna, for love and DVD watching. Rest your tired party feet and be at one with Buddha and snacks.’

If i actually really really wanted to go play ‘Party in Ponteland’…I could. I could wingle it around, get child care and go shimmie. But I just don’t fancy it. Not one bit. I just don’t want to. AT ALL. I’m recouping, loving it and chilling and appreciating those who are chilling with me. I’ve only got tomorrow and them i’m back at work anyhow. So poor little moi. 🙂 The positive is that, i again don’t have an alarm clock beep to wake up to tomorrow morning.

Life is good…

Total, non stop, air kisses,






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