Breakdowns & Tears but Jolly Good Times

AS you may have guessed my morning didn’t quite go as smoothly as i would have wished it to. It was littered with chirping birds, arguments, love, evil bitch fights, merriness, joy and fucking good old fashioned hatred. I woke up having to battle it out for my life and what i stood for after being (once again) ripped to pieces by those who i quite stupidly out of sheer ‘Attention Whoreness’ place myself on a platter to pull at. Luckily I WON!! And yeah my hair got a little messed up, my face went a little red (as if, theres far too much bronzer on it, for anyone to see ‘red.’) But in the end, i said my piece, stuck to my guns and after a flood of quite dramatic Glamour puss tears, whilst being laid on my bed (it’s really not good to breakdown mid-battle…lol.) I stopped, then took a 5 second awkward pause…then pissed myself LAUGHING!! God i love it! I can’t believe i actually snotted on my own arm! Delicious!

Now i’m back on top form, with the biggest hair, the longest lashes, the ‘ooh laa’ divine and the shortest skirt. Sometimes i take what others think of what i’ve created far too seriously during my period. (Yes i’m on it. It really does get the better of me.) I forget what i stand for. You do not ever have to justify yourself to anyone, nor do you have to try and win peoples affection. I don’t care if you don’t like what i do. It all happened by accident. I never intended the blog to get sooo big. It’s simply the story of my life and i write it for Myself. I feel lucky and  so happy that i get to brighten up someones day with a bit of a dodgey blog. I’m gonna keep living it on the wild side, being who I am and ….stomping all over you in my hot pink heels until you fucking listen! Hurrah!

I LOVE me and i wish more people in this country loved themselves and weren’t afraid to say it. Yes i AM full of myself, but i’ve worked really hard (emotionally) and i’ve finally got to my ‘Happy’ place. I’m whirling around as fast as i can, leaping into glittery clouds of joy and laughing out loud to the music that my adventures bring me. I don’t want you to hate me for it. I want you to JOIN ME!

You don’t have to submit to comformity.  Celebrate who YOU fucking ARE! Make people feel with every cell of their being and if they don’t want to…then leave them behind, let them be miserable. This world has so much to offer. Have a dream, and go chase it. Love hard and keep it sexy! Fight for your being, make a fucking statement!! Have a cocktail in your hand and a middle finger at the ready in the other!!! Do not let the minutes pass you buy. You’ve got the story of your life to create! I love you. Thankyou so much. I don’t say it enough! (Chrissie is now otping to do ‘The Robot’ in her living room, to Hip/hop in merriment.)

Chrissie Wunna

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