Bratt Pack Much


Morning all. Woke up today to a phonecall. One of those ‘Good news’ ones from ‘Nuts’ magazine, that you kinda always want to wake up to. If you start the day ‘happy,’ the rest of the ‘lovely’ seems to follow suit doesn’t it? Even my Ryvitta diet isn’t so bad now…apart from my face is now long and not round. Infact, the only thing that’s bad about it, (other than the obvious ‘Great role model’ starvation part)  is that i can no longer hold my liquor. Therefore, is it really worth it? Me thinks not. I need booze to get through the hour and especially when footballers, who aren’t too confident in their sentence structure or conversational skills try to chat you up. *downs shot*

 I have to go watch…well i say ‘have’ to but i do actually want to go watch ‘The

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