Brand New…

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I’m feeling amazing! Everything’s just new, fresh and exciting again. Life feels great. I’m over all the stress. I’m no longer ill, fuzzy or withdrawn…and instead i’m the opposite, I’m sort of brimming with life again, there’s a *beam* to me, that 100watt smile and a Wunna warmth radiating from me. I’m fun. I’m ready. I’m excited. Plus, i’m surrounded by the right people and when you are lucky enough to have amazing folk around you, you truly can conquer the world. I’m deeply thankful to everyone who’s stood by my side and supported me wholeheartedly through the last few weeks. Those who have thought about me, send me a message, tough loved me, cared for me, surprised me with lovely gifts. Now, i’m fresh and back to normal. I’m smiling, i’ve done my first day back at work since the hospital and it was GREAT! Again, I work with great people and even though i’m meant to be on bed rest, sometimes a body in motion, around great people, makes all the difference. I rested after my shift, yet I always feel like i’ve achieved something, when i’ve worked, made money and got through the day. I’m doing really well. I’M BEAMING!

I can tell i’m better. I’m back on my normal ‘healthy eating’ diet. I make it up as i go along, as i’m naturally quite good at it, and my metabolism is kind to me. Like i’ve always said, i’m not someone who struggles with my weight, yet i’m not a person to really indulge in too many ‘bad for me’ things. I enjoy a good salad and will pick it always…naturally. It’s the doing my 20’s in Hollywood thing. It’s embedded in all our systems. (Even though I do fancy a Taco Bell right now, which was one of my favourite cheap LA junk food buys. Of all the places to put the British one, they chose Barnsley. Lol. So, it’s a baby trek to just snatch a ‘bad for me’ burrito. I remember that I once met a guy, a weird one in Taco Bell in West Hollywood…and he sort of fancied me, but i randomly bought him a burrito and asked if he could come over to my condo and build up my flat packed set of drawers. Lol. He must of just fancied me or something, and thought I too wanted him to ‘see my etchings?’ However, I genuinely just wanted him to build a set of drawers up…at night. So he ate the food, I dragged him away from his friends, he got to mine, and to his surprise, there was actually my broken down drawers…and I chucked him a screwdriver and some other tooly bits and made him build my drawers up. HAHA. He sweated like a pig and hated every minute of it. But felt bad because he had given me his word. When he was done and it took AGES….he sort of tried to stay like he was going to get lucky. But I thanked him so much and with that warm Wunna smile, sent him on his way! I wonder how he tells that story. 🙂 )

But yes, I’m getting my Summer body on, yet everyone is aren’t there. My Facebook feed is filled with shirtless boys after the gym, all buff and flexy. It’s full of posey boys and girls who haven’t stuck to their diet. Lol. I’m not one bit a gym junky, but I like to stay in shape. I think i look alright for my age and circumstance. Salad rocks! I’m feeling and looking good..and that’s mainly because i’m happy. 🙂

I didn’t get to see Lee my favourite Policeman the other day! Missed him. But i’m sure he had having a much better time. I’m only fully comfortable when i have familiar faces around me. I need Jenna strolling around, swirling keys, Lorraine potting around me, smacking my bum with tea towels…to see my favourite Policeman in the corner f my slanty Burmese eye. However, I DID GET TO SEE DANIELLE, and GOD have I missed her. We just get along so well and I don’t think i have ever seen better tanned ANKLES. 🙂 I love her. Great to see her….now that she’s all grown up and loved up. I miss our work banter. I told her to go to Uni, be a nurse and then pull a hot Doctor, but she did what i would do and end up in Biggies and pull a guy who adores her…and drinks double vodka blues? Love it!

SAYING THAT…I have news….It’s love life news!!

I’ll tell you in my next blog…



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