Almost flooded my kitchen, yet didn’t because in the nick of time, I just so happened to strut into the kitchen, see the sink filled to THE BRIM with water, with the plug somehow wedged in and well…like the superhero that I am…I save the day. (Yipppeee! I’m like a slutty looking superhero, that is too lazy to save the world, yet completely gifted with ‘good timing.’) I’m obviously some kind of domestic goddess. I burnt cookies last week because I got distracted by Adam Levine singing ‘Sugar’ and I couldn’t complete a load of washing today without almost flooding the kitchen. 🙂 I make a great wife. (Married how many times? Whatever!)

Worked all day. Weather was shitty. (And when I say ‘shitty’ i just mean, ‘not as good as yesterday.’) I had a call from the people in casting who are doing a new MTV show and I took that call by compost. The guy that is persistently asking to be ‘my slave’ is now attempting to offer me FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS to speak to him for half an hour. And well, am I still so stupid, that I’m like ‘No, I can’t, as it makes me feel impolite.’ AND IT REALLY DOES. I’m sure it’s absolutely terrible to use a being like that. It’s really bad karma, i’m sure it is? Plus, i’m weirdly too decent a person to find it in me to be nasty to him down the phone for 30 minutes. I can’t do it. Lol. i mean, I have an inner bitch, but only with those who have really pissed me off. He doesn’t and because in his own ‘slavey’ way, he’s tryingto flatter me and get his own kicks from it.

I’ve always been in entertainment because i’ve loved to perform…yes…but mainly because I ENJOY t o make people happy. This is kinda the opposite. But FIVE HUNDRED is looking better! HAHAHA. (Joking.) See! It’s hilarious, there’s ‘Slave boy’ trying to adore me in his own special way and then on my phone is a whatsapp from a guy who is a chairman for the Conservative party, who likes the way…I look? Talk about different ends of the spectrum. I always date my friends. That’s a hint boys. Befriend me, impress me or woo me appropriately. LOL.

You know, I never know what the right thing to do with boys is? They don’t confuse me. It’s just that I know soooooooooo many, from all walks of life, all countries, all ages…all types, that i can’t handle the responsibility of being a ‘glamour puss.’ HAHA. They’re all my friends, but i just remember walking out of The Blacky Moor on Friday night, with 3 groups of different boys, going three directions, all beckoning me to come with them. All i heard was I left the building (Like i’m fucking Elvis) was ‘That’s my girlfriend..that’s my wife…that’s my bitch.’ Lol. All that means, is bitches…I still goddit.

But on the whole. I just like calm. I believe in companionship and friendship and for a guy with exceptional manners (i hate rude people) to treat me correctly. Yet they must have a spirit that plays well with mine, and be forward enough to make the moves. I hate it when i have to be super forward all the time, if i know the other guy is interested, as I see them as cowardly (Lol..awful, I know) and then I i’m bored. I want a hero. Someone who isn’t scared to express. I look for that…a lot.

However, within reason….as I do have to fancy them. I mean, when I had that stalker ‘Brett.’ Well, everyone kept calling him a ‘stalker’ yet I thought he was just being nice because he kept showing up, being attentive, buying me gifts and calling me ‘Princess.’ LOL. Trust me. I’m an idiot. He got a bit much because he lost his mind and went for it MADLY and far too madly. I didn’t dislike him because he was madly passionate,  nor was it because I felt it wasn’t challenging. It was simply because i didn’t fancy him and once i have that in my head…it’s hard for me to twist it back around. He was brave but too forceful. I love expression. But the ‘click ‘ or FRIENDSHIP and that’s the main thing with me, wasn’t there. PLUS…he was a stalker. Lol (But a real one. Oops!)

How i’ve started talking about boys, I don’t know? What I wanted to tell you about was the fact that i’m doing my OWN allergy test. I mean, I work a lot and don’t really have time to go to the Doctors. Plus, when you’re the daughter of two Doctors, you tend to ‘just ask ya mum.’

Anyway, because i’m a plank…and blaming things on not having any time, I’ve decided to see what the trigger is i can find out why i get this fucking rash. (It’s almost gone now…so i’m monitoring every little thing that I’m drinking and eating to see. Hence why i’m having a red wine tonight. HONEST! It has nothing to do with alcoholism…:) ) BET THIS ENDS REALLY WELL! Why am I ‘tool’ enough to test everything just to see which product gives me a fucking rash? I should run the country. Where’s my Moet?

I’m working tomorrow and i’ve spent the most amazing evening with Ruby and Junior. I feel so blessed to have such a gorgeous little family and be a Mum. I have the greatest, most hilarious children and I just can’t believe that I created them.

🙂 🙂 🙂






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