Boys. Boys. Boys.

OMG today i have been pretty much hounded by men ALL day. I don’t know what it is about me, but there is certainly something in The Wunna, that gets the engines of all men a going. It actually gets a bit exhausting, if i’m honest. I mean i don’t mind the men that saunter up to me and do the whole ‘aww you’re beautiful and just had to tell you,’ thing. I find that charming and polite. Plus, i’m northen, so therefore have a bit of the *cheek* in me, so i don’t mind a bit of merry banter about my boobies or looks, or wiggle in my walk. However saying that, when you’re a Glamour Puss and now having to plan your routes around London, simply so you can walk out of your own appartment and strutt to your local corner shop, or supermarket in peace, without being harassed by a bundle of (what i call) ‘The Pervies,’ you know you need to come up with a better plan.

I’mt aking the long routes around, simply to avoid putting myself in a positon where perverts will prey on me. It takes me approximately 15 mintues to walk to my local shop that is 2 minutes away and even then on the wuiet route, i’m honked at by lorry drives, workmen, with hang out their trucks and *holla.* Infact today i’ve had 3 different middle eastern men, pull their car up to me, wind down their window and TELL me to GET INTO their car for money and i’ve not only been glared at, but grabbed by school boys, winked at by passersby, perved on my undesirables, and had two giant handful of men say the most disgusting things to me, and my vagina..without consent. MY vagina hates that! It makes her cry! (And not in a dirty way, you pervs!) What are you thinking!!!! STOP TAKING ‘UP MY SKIRT’ PICTURES! OMG! Twice today in London. Nice.

I can’t even get into a taxi now, without the guy asking me to pull my top up, or walk on a tube, without a man trying to touch my bum. All girls go through this and i don’t think it’s fair. By all means look and admire and by all means, walk up to a girl and tell her that she’s gorgeous, beautiful, or delicious…YET please do try to STOP at that, wish her a wonderful day and keep it clean! Respect is everything! I hate how some men think they can seriously say whatever they want to a women and it be okay!

I was in a jeans and a t-shirt today and had a guy tell me that i brought it all on myself, wearing such attire. What?  I yelled at him and called him ugly, after he told me where he was intending to poke part of his revolting anatomy. Disgusting! This is why i enjoy being surrounded by people or another person. When i’m on my own, i pretty much feed myself to the lions. I can’t believe that one guy, from Somalia, actually pulled up on a busy road and tried to show me his penis. Have a little respect for yourself and then we girls will respect you. It doesn’t matter, what a girl looks like, acts like, dresses like or does. Learn to be polite, delicious and delightful and she will love you back. Oh and girls don’t buy the mumbo jumbo that men feed you when they tell you ‘it’s your fault’ for dressing a certain way, or acting a certain way! It’s the only line they know and well men always try to push the blame. They need to learn some self control. You don’t see girls walking around the streets or hanging out of their cars , telling a guy to pull his pants down and show us what his willy looks like, simply because he’s jogging and shirtless.

In my real life…i actually do not know any boys of the pervy sort, so i’m always shocked when men are like that with me. Dont get me wrong, I don’t mind the attention…yet the disrespect i hate! I think i need to educate young boys, so they grow into decent men. Then educate girls to make sure they don’t let ‘pervies’ treat them that way! Why are men always confused when it comes to knowing how to treat women? Just go with ‘well’ and we will probably like you.

Wazza claimed yesterday that, if i were to have a baby, it would have to be a boy, and simply because he cannot IMAGINE another ‘Chrissie Wunna’ on this earth. The planet not only isn’t ready for one, but it cannot yet handle another. It would explode out of my vagina and into the world screaming for attention. Therefore apparently a nice, quiet boy would suffice. Hopefully, it will inherit more of it’s fathers traits! I can’t believe it’s JULY!

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