Boys, Babies and Flashbacks.


I honestly don’t know how anyone who is capable, fun, blessed with a sound mind, happy spirit, a whole heart, great financial steadiness and is part of a twosome (even though it didn’t work out for me both times 🙂 ) isn’t a Mum.

I mean, I always thought I was having so much fun and i was..don’t get me wrong *Wiggle…wink,* as in life there are stages, chapters, phases that guide you from your youth to  your adult years, where in which you travel from a girl to a woman, from a boy to a man…blah, blah, blah…and all that good stuff. And infact, out of all my LA friends, I would be single most LAST human, in the whole of Hollywood that they would ever imagine, to have a baby, get married and settle down. I was too much of a kitty, a skin to the wind flyaway…one of those unobtainable, breezes of a girly.

Saying that, none of my gorgeous, gorgeous, lovely, lovely LA friends (my best friend in the entire world) all the same age as me, have at all settled down, had children and got married…apart from one. Maybe two. And i know hundreds. Closely. It’s just not kinda town. It’s just not that kinda lifestyle. Plus, one of my Besties Matt, who everyone thinks is dreamy, is still single and happy…at 34. He’s travelling, working, no babies…no wife, no girlfriend. Loving life. I remember him telling me how he had idolized his parents marriage, yet when he found out that his father had cheated on his mother and how secretly unhappy she was always…it emotionally disturbed him and made him terrified to commit.

I’m nothing like that. As you know.Lol. I’m a ‘get back on that pony’girl, because i don’t like to waste time on rubbish like fear and regret and i know how short life is and how warm I feel when my world is lit with passion.  I love, love and it’s important to me, as is family. I’m a massive family girl…which no one ever seems to get about me, as i radiate glamour puss like a champion. (And i am a glamour puss…yet surprisingly you CAN actually be both.) So, i’ll always go for men who are of the same caliber. As obviously if you are not good with children and are unable to eventually step in as a male, fatherly role model…then you’re sat on my curb…in ‘friend zone’ for a really long time…and you guys would hate that…you’d all get really hungry.

(Having a hilarious flashback, of when my friend ‘Corey’ who i’ve named a lash style after…he’s a very VERY handsome male and well he wanted to bone me in LA, so when he was pissed, he got driven to my home and called me and called me until I picked up the phone.

I never did…because i found it funny and i could see him from my balcony, under the stars. The reason why i wouldn’t have sexual relations with him, is simply because at the time I had a boyfriend and my boyfriend was a close work colleague of his. Corey once came into work, on a day when he wasn’t working..we all worked in the same place..and right infront of my ‘at the time’ boyfriend, he sauntered up to me, said ‘You know why i’m here Wunna’ and passed me a tiny screwed up ball of paper…literally the tiniest ball screw EVER…on it was his number. Right infront of poor Eric. Who i was dating…

Anyway…back to the story, it makes me mad as i’m genuinely quite loyal. Lol. Corey  must have called me at least 24 times in a row that night and left a message each time. ‘Chrissie…this is call 21. I’m not leaving. I’m really not leaving. Come outside…Caallll 22.’

I actually had my friend Matt, who was also my roommates bestie in my room, because he was staying over after a night we were pissing ourselves, MADLY!! I mean, at one point Corey flipping whopped out a guitar from out of nowhere and I usually adore boys that can play guitars, and well he started serenading me because he had taken some kinda pill.

That night Handsome Corey, slept in a bush outside my LA condo, on Kings and 3rd. ALL NIGHT. Then had to book a cab via credit card to get home safely. PAHAHAHA. Hilarious night. Great flashback. All my friends in LA are wild and i adore that…and they’re also all highly attractive, so you’d never think they’d be such fools for fun!)

People judge hot people.

Hahaha. I’m now getting another Flashback of Halloween in LA, at The Abbey, which is a very popular gay bar, filled with every gay guy in LA and chicks like Paris Hilton and Christina Aguerilla, Britney Spears etc…I’d go eevery day. 🙂 Anyway, it was Halloween and the ONLY STRAIGHT GUY in the bar, had found me and asked me out. I wasn’t bothered…but as I was leaving…and across the other side of the street, he was begging me to adore him, and told me to shout out my number. He didn’t have a pen or paper…so i figured this was safe. 🙂

Shouted it out…and holy shit. Mike from Chicago, who thought i looked like ‘Lil’ Kim’ said, it was how his mother met his father, so he was a champion at memorizing digits,. Totally called my phone, as I was walking away. TOTALLY REMEMBER IT…and i was shocked as there was banter inbetween it all and I was far far away.

I was so impressed, as i only shouted it out ONCE and fast…so i let him walk me home. (I was really shallow back then so i didn’t like the fact that he didn’t have any money…at all. Like he struggled to buy coffee.)

Anyway…we got to mine and it was filled with friends. Greg my roommate was there and Matt was there. Lots of people were there. We went to my room to chat and I said that I wasn’t going to have sex with him…which he didn’t enjoy…so my roomie came in to make sure all was okay. So Matt called him a dick for not even having condoms on him, so in order to have sex with me, Mike from Chicago ran ALL THE WAY TO THE NEAREST GAS STATION, that was AGES away…to buy condoms because he thought that he would get lucky.

He got back and Matt had locked him out of my room laughing his head off. Poor sod. I just wasn’t interested and any boy will know if i’m interested in them straight away…as they’ll feel it, we’ll see it in each others eyes. There’s an unspoken energy isn’t there. A friendly chemistry that you can’t shake off. That’s how you know if someones the one, because no matter how hard you try to shimmie away the attraction, you just can’t…ever do it.)

I don’t know how i’ve gotten so distracted, but yes…

When i came home today, after a long work day and an audition…I pulled up into my drive and saw this…


I work a lot and i work really hard on everything, as i’m trying so hard to get on success mode and i’m finally doing it. I have a business that’s accidentally doing well…let alone the blog, my auditions, my normal job…life.

I’ll get in the end and i’m feeling excited.

But all the work and the time that you have to spend away from the babies, is worth it, when you get home and one second in, you see how HAPPY they are to have you home. 🙂

That’s why all humans who can or are capable, should at some point be a Mother or a Father. It makes your world complete and gives you a reason to live, a purpose.

I’m one happy lady. x





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