Boys Ain’t No Hobby


As if anyone has the time in their lives to take a ‘Twerk’ workout class!  By all means, i’m sure it is mildly hilarious and it is honourable of those who can forget their life duties and take a moment of their time booty shaking in order to sweat, but really…in the name of booties…i simply can’t be arsed! I’m only going on about it, as i keep being spammed and forced to go to some Twerk Workout class in LA. I’m currently in Pontefract and will be until the bambino’s grow a little more (and i do miss LA and the Hollywood lifestyle massively…most of all i miss my friends) but even then…their will be NO twerk workout for me. It’s weird because I see such Tom Foolery as a  waste of my time, as i won’t be getting anything out of it. HAHAH. I’m happy with my booty, body and all that jiggles with it. I look great for a Mama of two, who’s hovering around the 33 year old mark. Harriet always reminds me that we’re not young Mums…but we just look great because a lot of mum’s our age surrender to the art of the ‘non groom’ and well in the name of all levels of glamour pussing…that just isn’t me! And it’s no out of insecurity or a need to hold onto youth. It’s about being girly…I just ENJOY doing my face, hair and mulling around with a totter..wiggle…wink. But yes, no twerk workout for me. I enjoy a hip hop dance class and incase you didn’t know, i’m quite a nifty dancer. I’m better than you think. 🙂 Other than that, working, making money, cocktails and family is what I do. I sort of like routine these days and it seems the stable, earthy part of me has moved into focus…I’m much better this way…because look at how well i’m doing now.

Next week i’m be in the forest and i’m so excited. Even if it rains…i don’t care. It’s still the perfect place to retreat to. I’ve been in the snow and that was one of the most amazing experiences ever. Shimmering in a bubbly hot tub, in the open air, in the middle of a forest, the trees sprinkled in frost, the branches spiked with icicles and as a gentle snowfall breezed down on me. MAGICAL it was. Such a surreal, James Bondy moment. Keiran and Rubes were in the hot tub with me at the time and I remember that we all just looked up in silence and enjoyed. We were at peace. In fact talking about Keiran, we’ve both just done separate nursery runs. I did my early and popped to Co op. During my Co op time, he must’ve done his nursery drop off .En route back, as I was driving into Badsworth and our cars, slowly passed, as we  briefly acknowledged one another for what seemed like a second. Weird isn’t it, how life can change so fast. That guy was like my dream man at one point. We’d snuggle on sofa’s, breed 😉 …do life together as one…with the babies…I mean this time LAST YEAR, he was working but getting ready to surprise anniversary me, with champagne, dates and bridal suites. This year, it would’ve been MY turn to do organize the wedding anniversary and funnily enough, I was going to plan a trip somewhere magical…were we could’ve renewed out vows!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Today, at around 9.30am…we simply drove past each other. Mercedes on Mercedes…like our paths were going in complete different directions. It didn’t feel bad or anything…In fact, I smiled because it felt so….well it’s just my life isn’t it. 🙂 I don’t know why it symbolized so much to me this morning, but it did. That guy that drove past me in his car today, always used to say how much he loved me and how i’d always have a massive place in his heart forever etc….infact he once said that Rubes was a major part of his life…and now…as our cars passed…it seemed like well like he saw Rubes and I as a distant memory. Whether that be the truth or not (because he’s quite sentimental so he’ll always think…and look back and see where he went wrong or see where he went right)…but today…that is what it felt like.


Okay, this last week i’ve heard so much from my chick friends, who have been super eager to share their relationship issues with me. All i can say on that level to the single ladies, that I have the pleasure of knowing… is to NOT ‘HOBBY’ BOYS. I used to do it all the time, as an early 20 something, in LA. I would hate to be alone, after my divorce from Michael…I actually didn’t even realize that i still loved him at the time, i thought i was having the best time ever…but i wasn’t.The grass wasn’t greener. Now i look back, I was just lonely and trying to fill a void in my life. I filled it with boys, friends and partying. If i had nothing to do…i’d ‘hobby’ the male species for a while to make myself busy. Don’t do it, as you end up hurting people, you didn’t really mean to hurt and well your heart is in a completely ‘other’ place. You see, if you love someone else, even if your head tells you that you don’t or you shouldn’t…you kinda just do and the worst thing you can do, I think is to  hobby a member of the opposite sex, who may adore you more than you adore them, because whilst you’ll just be trying to get over your past, your ex…your whatever…or fill a void of temporary loneliness, before you plan to go back an woo your old love…they’ll be hook, line and sinker ‘in love,’…meaning lots of hurt can happen for them. You’ll sort of ‘play’ love, whilst their ‘in love’ and well this is stuff you know already. I’m just the memo. The grubby life Post IT note. You know when you’re still in love or found your true love, as you won’t be able to get over them, even decades afterward and true love is only ever come AROUND TWICE in your life.

So yeah, boys don’t ‘hobby’ girls…and girls…don’t hobby ‘boys.’ Have fun date and enjoy it. But don’t let things go further than it should.

Okay, today i’m cleaning, blog writing, shopping, beauty line businessing and lunching with my Mum. Oh, i’m tanning as well! 🙂

Have a great Wednesday, it’s always an odd one is Wednesday innit. But please, please…if you’re 80 years old, don’t be a prostitute. LOL. Have a sit down and a cuppa tea. (I’m still not over ‘My Granny, The Escort’ show yet. 🙂 )



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