‘Both End Burning’ Candle Much


Oh my GOD! Have I been poorly or have I been poorly! Let’s just call it a juicy bone of exhaustion, undernourishment, a dash of dehydration, an exertion of too much physical energy, day job, mild stress, beauty line and being a Mum of two babies…made me feel all hot, sweaty and migrainey, to the point of ‘pass out.’ Then I opened my car door and puked out the side of it. I didn’t look after myself very well, during a hard schedule of life and well i ended up with some gastric virus. I’ve worked all week and Mummied all night and not really slept enough…or eating enough really. Sent my brain and body doo lally…and well left be ill, poorly, in bed, from Friday 7.00pm onwards. Yesterday was literally the first day that I could actually get out of bed WITH painkillers as my friend. I troopered through yesterday, as I had spent my two days off just passed out ill, meaning the babies didn’t get any quality Mummy time. So like any great Kitten of Motherhood does, I took a pill of ‘Man Up’ and entertained the bambinos like there was simply nothing wrong. Once it was baby bed time, I flopped over in a glamourous heap, lol, took more pain killers…and rested.

We kinda always forget to take care of ourselves and wonder why we become broken pieces of ‘ooh laa.’ My body and mind KO’d on me and well because of the ‘poorly’ i’ve had to have the next two days of work in order to recover, recuperate and refuel. This weekend I learnt that you can’t run on empty. You can’t be a success and burn on no fuel. If you do, you don’t enjoy any of it. Instead you work yourself into the ground, leaving only a bleak shadow of your fabulousity, instead of that solid stamp of DIVA!

On the other hand the kids are great, alls great and life is good. i’m still really lucky, really grateful, but now it’s time to wiggle life  correctly to get my eyelash line up and running, for my Crimbo launch.

In my dreams last night, I actually dreamt that I smoked a whole pack of cigarettes? Even my dreamland is stressed. 🙂 And another thing, I kept going through weird sweats..and I NEVER sweat…and it made everything i was wearing feel too tight? It was odd. I was even panic tugging my knee high socks off me, because i felt my legs couldn’t breathe? I mean, I could’ve been wearing clown pants and still felt suffocated?? (Clowns are weird people. I always feel like that they’re secretly miserable people, who are forced to make people laugh for job. 🙂 I mean, people think it’s weird that I whore this much slap on, look at Coco the fucking clown, with his giant ear to ear smile glooped on his face. Poor sod. He couldn’t even pull a sad face if he wanted to. You could smack him in the goolies, steal his wallet and poke him in the eye and he’s still have to smile all the way through it. That’s not what happiness is about. Hahaha.)

I feel bad because i’m not even managing to fit in my blogs due to working so much. But they’re here when they’re here and they’re not going anywhere.

Today I need to refuel, I need a cuddle and to feel nurtured really. I need some fresh air and i’m missing the woods! Give me my forest!! I haven’t been ALL YEAR.

I got flung a ‘Damsel in Success’ book, which is a book to help women in business, just now. So I’m having to read it today and make use of my two days off. So see…even when i’m meant to be chilling…i still end up having to work some part of me. I’m best at working my ‘wink’ but with a migraine, it’s not as effective. it kinda looks like i’m an old biddy Asian, trying to hit on a youngster. It’s an achey wink rather than a quick, yet gentle punch of glamour.’

But whatever i’ll stop moaning now. I’m feeling MUCH better and well after Tuesday, i’ll be back on track. But i actually need to get better by tonight, as Ruby and I have our ‘one on one’ day tomorrow…

The good thing about being ill, is the fact that i can indulge in Catfish marathons and Real Housewives episodes. My FAVE SHOW EVER and I haven’t been able to watch it in MONTHS!!

It’s in in a second, so i’m going to have to love you and leave you.

But yeah, like a FB photo that i share last night,


Winston Churchill said that.

There you go, a bit of history. Now love it and get going. 🙂

Oh and don’t burn the candle at both ends…you’ll feel really shitty for it.




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