Boredom, Plodding & My facebook is Disabled

Apparently, in life, if you plod along you’ll get there in the end. Now even though i thoroughly believe in this little conundrum and simply in the sense that if you stay dedicated and never give up, you’ll achieve whatever it is you are hungry for. *Opens fridge door-Sighs.* However, it is, (and like many) a bit of a puzzle that i have never managed to master. I am the Queen of distracting and getting distracted. Therefore i’m always looking for a greedy shortcut, or a stop to make a diasy chain, or a reason to not roll a ‘Handsome’ out of my bed in the morning.

Now that i’m older, i’m slowly figuring it out, as i’ve realized that the only thing i whole heartedly stuck out, so to speak…apart from my boobies, was my blog. The blog is what got me my next step…which is the book. Obviously getting on the Paris Hilton BBF show helped me a great deal. Yet more because it built my self confidence..(and i had plenty already! *Puurrrr-Pout*) Saying that, two and a half years ago, I did want to revel in the fact that i could be Hiltons BBF and i did want to be on a reality show. I stuck it out and well did it. In months. It didn’t seem like it was going to be difficult and because it didn’t seem as though it was a difficult thing to achieve…i achieved it. Tipsy even!

So although plodding along is ONE way of ‘getting there in the end.’ The idea is to be wearing the best kind of footwear money can buy, (make it glitzy, or faux lime snakeskin and gold) and make sure your ‘plodding’ is not only sexy..but also for a cause! Aimlessly plodding is pointless. My ex-hubby would always try to  play ‘rebel without a cause.‘ yet when i called him that one afternoon, he looked at me, smiled with his eyes and said, ‘well rebel WITH a cause.’ Make sure you know what you’re doing and if you don’t…wing it! Where there’s a will, there’s a way! (My friends say that phrase should be rewritten to ‘where there’s a willy, there’s a way’ for me. I obviously have SHIT friends. Haha. if you want them, you can have them. I sell them for gum. They’re already trying to sell my unborn baby to Jewish people.)

Other than waking up and feeling bored because all i have to do is book write, blog and carry a baby in my belly…which might seem a lot to you, yet in my world, ‘The Kitty Queen of Party’ in me, has had to be temporarily shelved. Infact, as has the posing nudies for baisc money making hilarity. The finding out you’re preganant part is GREATNESS alongside SCARY.) The actual momen when you finally HAVE the baby i hear is the best moment you’ll ever have in your life. But let me tell you, the 9 months inbetween…and if you’ve lived a rather destructive, yet glamourous life of marvel, is *SNOOZE-FEST.*

I went from a life of *shimmie shimmie, slammer, woo‘ to ‘Oh wait what time is it? Is Eastenders on yet?’ If you’re doing pregnancy sober like me…know that it’s difficult. I always used to always wonder how teenagers did it? Yet, now i know that they haven’t yet lived a full life, and therefore don’t have anything to lose. I’m happy i did it at 29. It’s the perfect age for the way i’ve lived my life. This time last year i was crawling up streets in glamour puss dresses, dropping my open purse on Kensington streets and with a jolly old bit of public room spin, being sick in the hands of delightful, ‘get her to her suite’ concierges. I never wish for that again! Haha!

If you’re broed don’t be. Be grateful for the time you have with yourslef and well, like i do, make the most of it. Y’know i haven’t seen Loverboy since Monday afternoon. He’s been working sooo much, that he hasn’t been able to slot me in. He has Saturday off, during the day, but i have that slot booked up. We’re like ships a passing, but it actually doesn’t feel to bad. (LOOK AT ME! ALL MATURE!)

Facebook has surpise disabled my account today! Yippee. Thanks a lot! i have no idea why, but i’m guessing it’s because i had too many friends. This is why you should’ve added yourself to the FAN PAGE…which is always there and always running. Now i have no personal facebook, unless they decide to give me it back. Back in the day, i’d be ripping my hair out at this. (It used to happen all the time, due to bitches reporting my face as ‘inappropriate.’ Lol.) Now i don’t seem as bothered and pretty much because it’s one less thing for me to worry about, i don’t have to have my mind littered by pervies and well my fanpage is still up, so i’m happy. I’m gonna be using that from now on. Unless they give me wave their magic Facebook wand and give me my profile back. But i doubt it! You should’ve added to FAN PAGE! (Tut! Tut!)

Anyway, i feel confident enough to go life alone, without the need for my Facebook support. Lol. I really need to talk to Wazza, but he seems to have disappeared? Typical really. he’s alway there abusing my pure mind, but wheni need him, he’s off shagging or something? Boys will be boys!

Last night, i ate the word ‘LOVE.’ It was completely made out of chocolate. It was almost as if, i had reduced the emotion to some cocoa/milk mixture block of bar of smoooth and then chomped my way through it. It resembles how i do love anyway. Quickly. Dangerously and whilst watching TV. I just want something exciting to happen today. Something that gives me that rush of ‘ooh.’ I want a moment…a ridiculously, over the top, happy one, that over-takes the importance of everything around me for that GREAT 4 seconds of glee. (If you’ve never experienced that feeling, witout the aid of pills…lolm then you’re missing out. you need to!)

I told my friend, (he’s also in entertainment) that it’s like the moment when you’ve just recieved that phonecall telling you, you got that dream job! He looked at me miserably and said, ‘Yeah, i’m the guy that doesn’t get the job, you bitch!’ I should’ve consoled him, but being the darling that I am…i just laughed.


That photo was taken last year. Both Harriet & I are with different men now and pregnant. Oh how things change, when you labelled ‘a couple of slags.’ 🙂

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