Booze, fun and healthy competiton

Good times, booze and a bunch of us trying to battle it out to be Miss. Hiltons British bestie. Not sure what magazine it was, as it’s just been forwarded to me, but who needs to know the details, this is my ‘when good things happen to very drunk people’ shot!! Amazing!!!!

5 thoughts on “Booze, fun and healthy competiton”

  1. i love this pic chrissie u look choong babe? u are a well better person to foollow around than paris she is a bit of a fragel in my opinion and u are a diamond

  2. it is true right if i got offerd a job to follow u around or paris hilton it aint a hard choice realy one who is stunning and funny and one an annoying lil rat what one would u chose

  3. i dont know her but she just dont seem my cup of pg i dont know weather u could have a bubble with her or a pint of stella over the footie u know wat im sayin


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