Book Launch Parties & a whole dollop of love

Well ‘Hi there’ my cheery little pieces of deliciousness. My body’s still ultra achey from my delightful moment of ‘i think i’m a ninja,’ however, today really couldn’t be any better, meaning that Wunna Land really is quite perfect right now. I always hate it when people state that nothing is perfect, because after a whole 20’s of horrific jigery pokery, i can hold my kitten head up high, smile and shout out loud that now…i have it ‘perfect.’ I’m marrying the man of my dreams, i have a beautiful daughter, i’m happy, i have a great career a brewing and well my present is ‘my perfect’ and i say ‘MY’ perfect because ofcourse everyone has their own version of what makes them happy. In life all we search for is happiness. When you feel like you’re not on a crazy hunt for it, be it deliberate or accidental, be it by looking at the bottom of an empty gin glass, or via those you’re  inspired by. Then you know you’re okay. Plus i’ve just woken up on the chest, (well the pectorial) of my a very handsome man. When that happens and that pec is telling you that it wants to marry you, because you’re amazing, you know life isn’t even nearly bad. We’re really in love right now, to the point where i feel consumed with utter happiness. My hubby to be, brings out the best in me and well i keep going on about how much i adore him, simply because i never thought i would be lucky enough to feel this way about a boy. I’m living a giant glorious fairytale, via love, via life, via work and my ‘team’…which will become my family…are the people i’m going to get to enjoy it with, meaning my ‘team choices’ are vital.

Anyway…enough of all that. (I’m actually waiting for my tumble drying to hurry up, whilst watching ‘Real Houeswives,’ getting excited about my upcoming wedding, making important work phone calls, adjusting my bra, loving my sex life, constantly having to hear about the Jenny Thompson story and wishing my jaw didn’t still feel like a bruisy.)

Last night at 8pm, after a gorgeous day watching Keiran hit golf balls at the driving range, followed by a delicious afternoon lunchy, with wine at The Castle, i tottered off to The Loft at Xscape to meet Allan Taylor and Jamie Dorrington, with Keiran, to organise my giant book launch party. We ended up having to do the meeting at Fusion, due a the largest gaggle of slutty 14 year olds and i’m talking hundreds of them, waiting to get their ‘party on’ at a popular under 18’s night. I couLdn’t believe how many of them there were and all in ‘up the crack’ booty shorts, and leopard boob tubes…AT 12!! Now we all know that i’m one for celebrating a bit of the hoochie and a bit of the body. HOWEVER, there’s a way to do it. Flopping out a bit of flesh and pretending you love sex, doesn’t make you sexy…(are you listening 14 year olds 🙂 )…it’s the way you ‘work it’ (and that should be with a classy, glamour pussy, walk of divine…) that makes a girl hot. Be pleasant, but unobtainable and hold yourself in a champagne light of dignity. Be the girl that everyone wants, but no-one can have. I spent my childhood telling boys i’d never be with them because i was moving to Hollywood to be a model, and marry a movie star…and that was at 15! 😉 It worked and well everytime. Keiran and I were in absolute shock at how all the under 18’s were dressed and it takes a shit lot to shock me! He kept looking around saying ‘OMG who is that girl’s DAD and how did he ever let her out the house like that!! I will NEVER let my daughter go out dressed like that!!’ HAHAHA. I just kept looking around in my faux fur and stilettos thinking, well out loud saying (i’m crap at quiet, keep it to myeslf thinking)…‘Why are they ALL in different versions of the exact same outfit and why do they all look so slutty at 14 years old??’ When tiny girls are slaggy it really does make the grown up boys feel mighty uneasy. Don’t do it girls!

If i’m honest, even at 30, when i first dated Keiran i absolutely 100% did not at all sleep with him, at all and for ages! (Take notes here under 18’s.)  He asked me out on a date, (i had text him telling him that i would love to be impressed.) He took me out of a magical first date, we got to know each other, he bought me flowers, i told him on our first date i wanted to be in a serious relationship with him and love him properly and that i wasn’t a 10 pint tart, with a loose chasity belt and a sambuca in my hand. I loved him and wanted it to be serious immediately. He agreed. We didn’t sleep with each other for weeks! After 5 weeks, he asked me to marry him. We’ve never been happier. (But i did play with my boobs for him today on the sofa, whilst be had a little wanky with willy. I loved it! Oh and that’s okay because technically he’s my hubby and NOTHING is hotter that hubby/wifey sexytime. It just feels different and because we’re madly in love.)

Anyway, (back ot the party organizing,) we all huddled around the bar at Fusion to organize my book launch party. Jamie told me what he had on offer. Keiran and I explained what we kinda wanted, which is a very BIG DEAL DO, that’s glamourous, elegant, Chrissie Wunna, magical and champagney. I was absolutely super impressed with what Allan and Jamie had come up with…so after about an hour of cheery banter, a wine, a few questions, talk about dates, red carpets, celeb guestlists and venues..we *shook* on it and yeah babies May 25th, i will be having my first EVER, glamourous book launch party and they will certainly be in charge of making it HUGE! I can’t WAIT. I’m really excited. Great guys!

Technically my book comes out before then, however that date will be the actual celebration of it and a chance for people to come meet me, over cocktails. I’m meant to be writing my invitation list up, but it’s really really hard?? Yeah it’ll be open to the public, there will be a VIP area and i will be dotting in and out of both, but choosing my guestlist really isn’t easy. But i adore that i’m having champagne fountains. It’s like i’m on ‘sweet sixteen.’ Lol. #dreamcometrue It’ll be magical, busy, filmed and the press will be there and that’s where i’ll do my first bit of book signing, because ofcourse the entrepreneur in me is having my book on sale there at the event. 😉

Really excited. Really happy. Can’t at all wait and really fancy a wine?



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