Boobie Woobies…?


Craziness! I’m bush -whacked. (No..not in the exciting way, I simply mean knackered.) Pete had Rubes over last night until late. Never a good idea, because Ruby is the child who embraces her inner ethnic when it comes to bedtime and needs her full 8 hours sleep. She loves nothing more than a bed time to ‘Cinderella.’

Anyway, he hangs out with her last night, it goes passed her bed time, she literally doesn’t fall asleep until 11pm (madness) and then low and behold, she has bad dreams all night, followed by a dollop of extreme moodiness, due to tiredness all morning. I had to leave her at nursery this morning kicking and screaming, with ‘Diva’ tears pouring out of her eyes. Pete’s sort of decided to spend more time with her because he fears that Keiran is taking his place as ‘Daddy.’ The thing is…how a little girl sees a man, is pretty much based upon how much the man invests in her emotionally. I’ve said it millions of times. She does call Keiran ‘Daddy’ and she herself has chosen to award him with such a label because he’s the guy that always there for her, when she wants to play, when she needs a cuddle, when she’s poorly, when she’s grumpy…everything. He’s done the sleepless nights since she was 5 months old and earned his title and connection with Ruby…and in HER OWN mind.

Obviously, Pete isn’t going to enjoy the idea that Ruby calls another man ‘Daddy’ even though she also refers to him as ‘Daddy Pete’ so is now on a mission to alter the happy family, so to speak. The biggest thing you can offer your child is love, guidance , attention and time. A once a week ‘I’m your Daddy’ time when you are free to spend all the time you wish with her, is not going to ever slam dunk, the amount of adoration she gets from Keiran. So,last night when she comes home far too late, and is grumpy all morning, it sort of made me upset that for the first time in a long time, in months she came home and called Keiran…’Keiran.’ She never does, unless she has gone to Pete’s and well it’s all because the last time he dropped her off, she looked at him, during the drop off and said, ‘I just want my Dad.’ Like a dagger to the heart…but no-one’s fault but his hit him hard…so now, he’s attempting to muscle the quiet Pete fashion, where no-one knows he’s actually muscling in. Keiran, Rubes, ‘Le Bump’ and I have such a perfect bubble going on right now it’s shouldn’t, but it makes me feel like he’s interfering with our perfect foundation. Keiran was upset, I was upset, Pete’s probably upset, yet we all hold calm, smiley faces in order to make sure that the little glitzy bit of Ruby never knows any different and makes her own mind up about the situation, when she comes of age. Keiran isn’t like a Step Dad to her. To her, Keiran is her Father.

Rant over. You can tell i’ve had no sleep, i’m getting bitchy, like my boobs. Saying that, a bunch of you found this site by Googling the terms, ‘Yoga my arse,  Greatest way to masterturbate &  boobie woobies.‘ That is my life summed up into phrases. I’m obviously moving up in the world. When will I hit stardom? When will I be wallowing in millions?

So, I have errands to run today. The *bump* doesn’t seem like he’s ever going to hatch. I’m not going through any contractions or scares at all really. I’m just waddling around like a fatty. It doesn’t even feel like i’m about to go into labour anytime soon. UGH! I have been promised by shitty delivery people that MY BRAND NEW BED, will be delivered this afternoon. It was meant to ‘definitely’ come yesterday. Says it all really. I’m annoyed. VERY annoyed. But whatever, if it makes a jolly appearance this afternoon, i’ll be happy. They’re calling me an hour before it’s arrival, which means i can get on the rest of the day, as I have headboards, home accessories and all sorts of jiggery pokery to tend to. I’m exhausted today, so i’ll be scowling all the way through it. (UGH! I SO NEED MY WEAVE TIGHTENING. I can’t think.)

Keiran got attacked my an ant infestation this morning at 6am. That must’ve been fun. That was going on downstairs in Wunna land. Upstairs, I was getting smacked in the face by a toddler, who needs another hours kip. He hadn’t emptied the bin in ages..which is bad because i’m a ‘thrower outer,’…so ants thought they’d come and picnic in our junk. He soon cleared the whole thing out and fought them off with sprays, karate chops and Army moves. Looks great now. Ants do my head in, but only when they come in ‘lots.’ I hate anything that comes in ‘lots.’ It creeps me out. (Apart from love or money. 🙂 ) The hubby and I are still wonderful and ever playful. We’re having a really good time with one another. Yet his work is knackering him and my pregnancy is draining me of ‘ooh laa,’ right now. However, it’s not knackering him enough to refrain from rubbing my sore nipples. I keep telling him that they are sore and prepping for the baby, which gets him excited and makes him need to ferociously RUB THEM. MEN! ‘No,’ means ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’, means ‘No,’ with them. At least i’m terrifying him with the art of being domesticated. I won’t be today however, because i’m exhausted. He’s plonked ‘get me envelopes’ on my ‘to do’ list today..with a wad of cash for them. I need a  sleep. I need a rub down. I need everything to go right now and i need this bumpa-lumpa to hatch.

My blog hits haven’t been as high this week. I mean, they’re still alright but it seems you don’t like me rambling on about love and pregnancy. I’m bored of it toooo…give me a labour. Yet i have noticed..and this part is annoying, if I post a picture like this:


My blog hits stay steady or low.

Yet if I post a picture like this:


The ‘hits’ smash the roof down with a KAPOW. Annoying innit!

In my mind for any other kittens going through a similiar problem…the idea is to ‘hit’ a happy medium…so celebrate you the best way you can…sort of like…this:



Anyway, i can’t be bothered to tinker the typos anymore. I’ve got weave curling to tend to. What a hard life! 😉

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