Boobie Woobies


I’m obviously still not over this part of my life yet. Most of you will remember it. I just loved the ‘moment.’ It’s Me on the telly, during the ‘Talent show’ (that i fucking won bitches) -Paris Hiltons British Best friend and to be honest i really just wish you could’ve seen it from where i was standing. It was hilarious. The room was panicked!!

I sort of turned around, then mid fling of my corset i looked up and saw Paris pissing herself laughing,

12 thoughts on “Boobie Woobies”

  1. yes but it was the best epsiode i liked the fact u were honest about that bird doing your cannister in she would of done mine in and all to be honest u were the only one who wouldnt in the end of the day coz u make me laugh and i like your sexy accent specialy on the phone

  2. i make u right ad what a good name ha ha ha i do put me mouth in it quite alot and look uneducted but at least i am honest and never boring


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