Bonking, Work and Novel Writing



Morning my pretty wiggles of life!

I’m feeling great. I’m looking out of my window at all the laiden snow. My gorgeous hubby is currently doing the nursery run. (WE have major problems with getting up in the morning for nursery runs, during the Wintery seasons. I literally had to change a nappy, do tights, eskimo jumper, as Keiran did the pig tail and the face rub, on Baby Ruby this morning, dark, blind and half asleep, as SHE pretended to be on her phone and insisted on calling her lady part’ a ‘boobie?’ But like everything in our world…it worked. So go us. We rock!)

I worked really hard yesterday and was so impressed with my productivity. I loved it. I’m steamed through words, playing with sexy ones, and fantasizing all things delicious, in the form of juicy book characters that i believe will make my story a ‘ooh laa.’ On the whole. I had fun. However, once i was done with my 1000 words, i kinda wanted to do more and experienced some kind of anticlimax from it’s absence.

I did what all sexy wives do and took it out on Keiran. I think he wanted to go watch football and have a few drinks and i managed to go ‘Ninja’ on him for a moment…(I threw a pink plastic sippy cup at him in anger). I know, i need to learn control. I’m hardly very Tarantino. I don’t keep it kitten, when it comes to anger.

Anyway, it lasted a good second and then we did the ignoring each other thing that couples do, when they want to show that they’re mad, but they’re not really at all mad and they are actually DYING for the other person to breakdown and talk to them. 🙂 Nice and adult aren’t we.

The thing is, we’ve had such a wonderful New Year. We began it at Oulton Hall, found out we were having a Baby Boy, went on holiday for a week to hot tub in the forest…and now we’re back home. I’m excited because i’m back to work, back to being creative. I did the ‘cheeky weather’ for radio, I have a show on it’s way out and i’m writing a book…a naughty one. However, i think i need to be in the forest ALL THE TIME. Really. It’s truly my happy place and sort of my new crutch. I’ve substituted my wine drinking…with luxury forest cabin holidaying and i reallyl wouldn’t have it any other way. (Apart form maybe doing it with a wine. 🙂

I really do need to learn to not tantrum over nothing, I was even in joggers. GREY ONES! You can’t throw a tantrum in joggers. You’ve got to keep it fabulous in order for it to make full impact. (Ugh. I’m sooo losing my touch!)

Luckily, we had work to do, so after Baby Ruby was put to bed and i was so sure that we was going to let us go to sleep on a argument, something that i hate to do. (You last thoughts before you go to bed or vital. They can cement your mindset for the next 8 hours or so. What you think and feel in life, is what you get.)

However, he came downstairs, tried to make the peace. I noticed, yet still pretended to be a bit ‘off button.’ Anyhow, we both tottered upstairs, as he reminded me that we still had work to do and we needed to do it before tomorrow morning.

After 4 minutes of applying ourselves professionally, in our little office, we flew straight back to ‘fairytale’ with hugs, kisses and ‘sorry’ hugs.

I love him.

So, i’m glad that worked out swimmingly, as this morning our world is a treat! (I intend to work hard today also.)

Anyway, Ladies! Have you all noticed, or is it just ME who has to live this through, but ‘AFRICA’ (as in the David Attenborough show and not the lovely country) has seemed to have made ALL MEN horny.

Jesus! Since Keiran watched frogs and elephants *hump* in the forest, he’s bee filled with love juice and eager to chase me around life with a stonking boner, trying to poke it in me whenever we can. I mean, i did ‘put out’ in the forest cabin, on the sofa, in front of the window for him and it was delicious. However, i’m sure the images of elephants humping has made him a total hornball. A bit of a bonk is simply not enough for him, HE WANTS MORE.

So chicks, if you see ‘Africa’ on your telly tv guide, be ready to either switch the channel to something less sexy and RUN. Or…grab your crotchless panties and sit there with your legs at ‘quarter past nine.’ 😉 (I can’t do ‘quarter past nine.’)

I will tell you that FROG ARE NINJA, when they simply want a bonk. They were froggy plugging each others eyes out with their plucky toes of stick fest and fighting each other madly, just so they could froggy get laid. It was mildy erotic actually. So i’ve decided that ‘Attentborough’ is not really interested in nature at all….he’s really just a perv. 🙂

Have a great Monday guys!


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