Blogging for The Clothes Show Live 2013!! #hellyeah


ERM….How excited am I!!!!!

This little piggy, turned herself into a kitten and certainly went to market! *Wiggle-wink!*

Anyway, as you know…I adore all things beauty and all things fashion, fiar enough with my own kitty twist, yet nonetheless, that’s what it’s all about. You also know that I’m currently working on my own beauty line that will launch next year to the public…you jolly old sexy folk.. with wallets. 🙂

Therefore, having my NEW passion for fashion, love for beauty  and good old general ‘ooh laa’ reignited, along with my OLD TIME, all time, favourite bit of passion, which you all to BLOG, well you can bet that i’m tremendously excited about a certain little  invite that just popped it’s way through my inbox.

Due to what I’d call pro-activeness..I mean, like i’ve said you’ve got to be at all the right places, at all the right times and you’ve got to shimmie on in, roll ya sleeves up and work hard to get there. OR simply be charming. 🙂 Both work just as well. I’ve now…well have JUST been invited, in the nick of time, to the EXCLUSIVE, ‘Bloggers Breakfast’ in London, tomorrow morning for THE CLOTHES SHOW LIVE! Holy AMAZINGNESS!

Now, I’ve always adored the Clothes Show! I think it’s a wonderful way to share, introduce and rock all things that represent fashion and beauty,each and every December. I know that everyone gets VERY excited about it all, as it is dashed with new trends, sprinkled with great deals, electrified with a champagne buzz of giddiness. There’s designers, arousing beauty stands, models, the new lines, the revamped old lines…fashion shows, celebrities…everything and more. It truly is a wonderful event for all those that adore fashion and there’s always lots of surprises!

TOMORROW… I get to exclusively venture down to one of my favourite hotels in London, The Sanderson (we used visit Paris there when we initially began filming ‘Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend’ for ITV2. That was before she moved to The Mayfair hotel, which is also another one of my faves.

But yes… I love The Sanderson for it’s unique, creative, modern twist of fun and elegance. It’s certainly 5* and certainly a glamorous treat, any time you manage to venture there. We actually filmed part of the show at the hotel, so it has holds a lot of fond memories, packed between it’s walls for me.

Can you believe it! Tomorrow morning, I get to go play ‘Resident Clothes Show Live Blogger’ and be at the heart of all British Fashion, with an all star panel for breakfast. 🙂 I get to absorb all the inside secrets of what will be happening this year for the phenominal LIVE show and I get to have one on one time with each guest of the star panel and ask anything I so wish about this years upcoming event.



I feel so honoured and SO LUCKY! I’m bringing out my own line next year, so to be able to cover it all this year is a dream come true! But i’m going to get you all very excited about it and simply because it’s one of the biggest events of the year!

Here’s the invite that trotted it’s way into my inbox! All exclusive. All bloggers! 🙂 The best ones. 🙂 I mean, it’s so utterly amazing that I get to cover and celebrate the 25 years of The Clothes Show Live this year! ME! Amazing! I’ve loved it ever since I was a very little girl when our school would take us on little coach trips there. (Fair enough, I went to posh school…but the trip was always my favourite.)


So, yes! In the morning, I will be headed down to London to have a ‘Bloggers Breakfast’ with a star panel and of course other bloggers… as we are invited to indulge on all the inside scoop of this year’s shenanigans!! Makes a great blog! I’m super excited!!




It’s crazy how life can change in a matter of months! A few months ago I was weeping into a wine, over the drama that life chucked at me. But I grew kitty tall, dusted myself off, took everything that was launched at me, pulled myself together, grabbed a bit of positive energy and well…new beauty line and resident Clothes Show Live Blogger Much! 🙂 x

Lots of love to ya folks,

Make your dreams come true,

Chrissie x



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