Bitchy F****** Vixen baby

Having a fabulous day. Feeling on top of the world. I’ve decided to become addicted to hot male model boys again, but only if they’re shirtless  and part of my entourage (how not very predictable, but i don’t care i think they’re hotter than all the rest..LOL.) I’d love to have a select gaggle of dreamy boy bitches, who follow me around and have the greatest of times. When i was approx. 24 i went through one of my phases of only dating ‘hot male shirtless’ models. I mean, yeah it was shallow…but I can be at times. It makes me giggle. Really, it was just funny. I would hobby them for kicks and they didnt seem to mind too much? I just wanted to treat myself with eye candy, after my heart wrenching, accidental divorce. Everyone would rip me to pieces (Hollywood style, so it’s viscious) for having  different totty on my arm every 3 weeks. But i did it anyway…flicked my hair, and strutted like a Diva in my diamantes heels. (I must have looked like a proper fruit loop!! But i loved it. And basically got away with it!) I was like this Bitchy Vixen, all heels, tan and tiny skirts, that all the girls secretly despised and all the boys adored. The most popular girl on the block and well my ‘apparent’ sexual encounters with males is basicallly (funnily enough) what built me my DIVINE hollywood reputation, as this priviledge, lovely, sexy sweet evil F****** man-eating bastard!! (You could also add a ‘kind’ in there somewhere. HAHAHA) I love it really. I mean, when i was young, I always loved the ‘evil bitch’ female characters over the sweet innocent victim. At 5 i would demand that my nanny put me in white furs…so i could walk down the grand staircase like Joan Collins!!! -She did every time!

Last night, i got a message from the sweetest of guys in LA, who i used to work at Crunch with… who basically knows me well. He watched me fight through the storm…so to speak. It read: ‘Congratulations love. U have reinforced something I have always believed about life and the human experience: You are only as powerful as you believe you are. U never doubted your power, and that is why and how you have created this life for yourself. Congratulations on your success. U deserve it. The cream always rises to the top’

Made me smile. And just made me realize that i have a ‘fire’ inside me that has powered me through this jolly thing called life. And even though i feel like i’ve sacrificed myself a million times over. People are inspired by me. Little slutty ME!! And that in itself my dearies… makes everything worthwhile. (God, i sound so Julie Andrews or something??) No-ones ever known what they’ve wanted in life more than I. Sometimes i forget…(it’s all the glitter & the booze) then my friends de-mist my windows and i can see all over again!!

6 thoughts on “Bitchy F****** Vixen baby”

  1. yes it is all good having fellas like that but if u get in any aggro they will be hiding under the bar not wanting to get there pretty face hurt babe . where as if u have a real geezer he would take a bootle glass or even a chiv to protect u . and every geezer would love to be your hooby chrissie look in the mirror u are powerful babe . i will keep on down the gym u never know i might be your hobby one day lol

  2. how is that chavvy someone who would look after the bird on his arm aint a chav it is chivalous or however u say it. dont u want geezers to be geezers not tarts. i hope everythnig works out chrissie and u enjoy swooning i will be doing the same thing but at u treacle

  3. are u so am i but i would be if it ment protecting someone i cared about i would rather have a beer someone than fight em but sometmes thing happen


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