Birthday Fever

Okay, so it’s kicked in! I’ve just realized it really is my BIRTHDAY (woo-hoo) tomorrow!! YAY!! I’m bursting with Va Va voom, splitting at the seems with jubilant ‘filly folly’ and I simply can’t wait to celebrate 28 years of my life…in Pontefract! (hahah) Not as glamourous as i had hoped, but soooo different.. it is almost GREATNESS!! My knickers will be in the air. I’ll be tremendously ungracefully, i’ll do whatever i want and you all have to put up with it because it’s gonna be MY F****** birthday!! (Oh and happy birthday to Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera, and Katie Holmes…it’s there’s today!!)

I’ve just got done doing the ‘can can’, in my slippers…whilst tragically humming the ‘can can’ song out loud, with a plate of  homemade (by someone elses) biriyani rice in my hand that i just managed to microwave quite brillaint!! I can’t wait to get plastered, and spread Wunna Birthday joy around Yorkshire, and i’ve decided to spend the rest of the day grooming…in order to look like the best slut on the block…tomorrow!! YAY!! I want confetti, i want silly string, i want massive badges and sashes that state it’s my Birthday!! I want booze, i want….EVERTYHING!!

I’m only one sleep away from being 28. This is the last day in my life ever, that i will be 27. I’m gonna celebrate right now!! I can’t believe i’m still alive! Thank God! (literally) Or do i thank Buddha?

Chrissie Wunna x

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  1. i wonder if brad is having a brad lol brad pitt = shit . that booth coz it probably took both powers to create such a creation. have a drink for me me old china it is a shame i aint in yorlshire so i cant see u painting the town pinks coz lets have it right u aint gonna paint it red treacle lol


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