Biggest Jubblies in the World

Morning Dolls! I have a banging headache, but thats fine as it keeps the ‘meat’ in my head alive. I’m armed with a cuppa cuppa tea, and i’m slowly recovering from the actual nightmares i had last night from watching ‘The Worlds Most Enchanced Woman!’ Now i love these little Mark Nolan Documentaries, but last night spooked me out! Like honestly, who really wants to have the biggest jubblies in the world every that are as heavy as 8 bags of sugar!(Wait do i want that? …erm…no. Okay i can carry on!)  One was some sweet tennis player, who married some pervy little man, that made her get Ginormous boobies, so she could do porn (nice…romance rocks.) Another nearly died because her implants evaporated and ended up looking like they were filled with dirty pond water (tadpoles and everything.) Another had like a 14 year old husband and the final one just wanted to be ‘remembered.’ Whilst i was watching it, i get a text message reading, ‘haha…they’re just like you!’ What! You flipping cheeky mares! I’ve had one little operation that hurt soo much that i could never have another and not i can boast biggest jubblies in the world!! Lol.. Never say never! Next i’ll be playing tennis then marrying a 2ft tall pervert, who’ll make me have 30 more ops and have sex with other people for money. Woo-hoo!

Also watched Owen Wilson last night on my box. I love the ‘Stiller/Wilson’ movies….(sometimes, when there’s nothing else on! ha)  It shot me back to a memory i have on being young in a club in LA. I think it was ‘Prey’ (at the time.) I looked to my left and Leonardo di Caprio was at a table with a gaggle of juicy blonds, all wiggling around him like desperate hookers. I looked ahead and (funnily enough) Miss.Hilton was at a booth with her sister and Nick Carter. Then i turn to my right and little Owen was hitting on every piece of moving ass in the club…one after the other. He use to go around shagging lots of ‘not famous’ girls. I bet it did wonders on his ego and plus, they were way more grateful. lol Infact, i don’t know anyone (apart from myself..ofcourse, wink wink) who hasn’t had a shuffty with Owen Wilson. Chamipon! Thats how i grew up…now you know why i’m a whicketty whack job. Three cheers and yellow helmets all around!

I’m getting insulted on facebook, by a stream of IM’s by boys that are a name calling because i haven’t replied to they’re ‘instant.’ They try to pretend they know me fro soem reason. Which is odd, as why not just introduce themselves?? Or they go for the ‘insult me,’ approach. A great deal are simply perverted, to get my merry attention. Or a jolly few make some completely wrong psycho analysis on why i am, the way i am. Yes, use to it, but now it’s getting stupid. Just be normal. My life’s pretty wonderful…lol…so i’m not too bothered. I love it! Kisses!

4 thoughts on “Biggest Jubblies in the World”

  1. i didnt see em but u cant have ot big thrupneys they lok weird and it makes the bird look fat your guns look perfect chrissie big but not to big do u know what i mean jellie bean

  2. bring it on MINKA!

    Damn I should’ve stayed in LA for longer, well enough time to have had a little saddle up on Owen anyway. Then we do a little side along shuffle and have a little canter with Luke. YEEHAAAAA!!

  3. LOL…Oh my dear i miss you too badly. Hahah! I could be Minka. That could be my ultimate destiny.

    Yeah if you stayed another day, ( you too could’ve scrabbled on top of Mr.Wilson…i mean i’m sure he’s accidently made out with Luke when drunk anyhow. Lol.. Double the fun!!


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