Big Head… Fuck


I’ve definitely just been called a ‘Big head fuck.’ HAHAHA. Anytime that happens and you can *pause* and then have both parties piss themselves over it for a good moment, you’re winning. In fact, i got called a ‘Big Head Fuck’ simply because i previously rated myself an 8 out of 10 on the hottness scale (which I am…lol…i’m not too hot, yet certainly above average.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and then asked, whilst looking at my mirror image, ‘who was hotter?’ I’m good like that. (Oh shut it, i’m joking.)

What I actually find hilarious, is the simple fact that the other side of the phone said those words as their LAST ENTIRE words of the day…’BIG HEAD FUCK, ‘ then..fell asleep…on April 1st, 2015…and apparently with their goolies out, because the sleep naked. ‘What!? There’s nothing wrong with that! I’m about to go to bed, after this conversation. I’m in bed naked.’

Goolies crack me up. It was only at work today that i was showing the boys the kind of messages i get sent. I MADE them look at willies that other delightful people of the world had sent my inbox for kicks and wee’d myself with laughter. After that I whopped a mini beer fridge by plants that I had bought Adam for his house warming gift. I actually get on with Adam (Baby Ad’s) really well…We know quite a lot about each other and chill quite easily…so i bought him a mini beer fridge, because he deserved it. Yeah, yeah, not really a useful gift. But fuck it…he’s 18 and i’m awesome….a mini beer fridge is all you’d need in our book. (He actually texted me this evening to thank me….which means he has good manners. Well done sir!)

Then i got called a ‘Big HEAD FUCK.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

What else?

I’ve been enjoying being a Mum. It’s nearly easter. I’ve been spotted everywhere. I mean someone text me this morning, to say the had passed me…yet didn’t bother stopping me to say ‘Hi.’ LOL. If you see me, you can actually stop me and say ‘hello.’ You’re not intruding. You are openly welcoming with warm kitten arms. Like I said…i’m good like that. Innit. (Wiggle…wink.) I’m not going to shun you. I’m far too social for all that. I’ll banter, flirt and giggle…then shun you. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Oh shut it. JOKING! Sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

This week is going really fast. In fact this entire year is. But this month i must be happier because I failed to get my stress rash! Yippeee! Nothing’s really pissed me off because i’ve been having lots of fun, enjoying life, working hard, being Mum and chatting to ‘the boy.’ It’s all sort of put me in good stead for utter balance…which as you know, i think is the most important thing. A bit of everything is good for you…no matter what anyone says.

(I’m currently having a flash back of a conversation that I had earlier, where in which a being told me that the had dry humped someone on a carpet, and was soo pissed they couldn’t remember. LOL. I stated that that meant they were rubbish at sex and went in for what i call the ‘four pump sherlock.’ Gross! I have no clue why i’m flash backing such…as i have this theory on flashbacks being not at all a mental fling, yet more of an emotional tie. The moment you flash back, simply flags, and pin points the actual emotion you felt during that minute, hour, second, phase. It’s the emotion of it all, how you felt, that acts like a trigger and not the thought of it. So, fi you’re remembering something, the way you felt at that time as been triggered in your present. Does that make sense, or so i need more wine?)

Isn’t it weird when psychics tell you that YOU TOO COULD BE PSYCHIC. Have you hear that before? I have! I’m not psychic for shit. I have no clue. So how the hell could I tell the future well? I mean i could listen and then make up a bunch of shit to ease the pain of worry. Yet that’s not some kinda of sex spooky gift..that’s lying for dosh. I just met a being today who said that i too could practice her dark art if i wanted. It made no sense to me…i adore a reading, but can i give them…not even nearly.

ALSO! How weird is that new Usher song! The one where he’s rambling on about how he’s dating a new girl ans she’s a stripper, but it doesn’t matter that she’s a stripper because he thoroughly understands that it’s her dream to make a buck that wa and that she is just taking care of her business? WTF! How tight is Usher! HAHAH. I mean, surely if you were Usher, and you’re new bird was stripping, you’d say her from such a life with your gzillion dollars and prevent her from having to shimmie shake it for dodgy men for ยฃ20 a pop? Yeah, yeah, he says in the song, he makes enough for the two of them. But honestly…lol…let’s not be tight here. There’s letting women pursue their dreams and then there is just being tight. ๐Ÿ™‚ I understand that the ‘message’ is meant to be positive. Yet the fact that it’s done to some calm, love song melody pisses me off! It’s far less great, (a better way of saying, ‘soo much shitter’) than Wyclefs..’Just cos she dances go..go..’ sing a long. Such a weird song. I rate Usher. But that tune is…well…crap.

There’s actually quite a few good love songs pottering about in the charts right now isn’t there. The whole Ellie Goulding ‘love me’ thang, Sam Smith and his ‘next to you’ laa dee daa.’ I’m impressed that everyone is finding love in everything..just like moi. However ย it is nearly Summer and I always believe that people just forget about love and do flings in bikini’s. I don’t, as i’m always on the scope for my ‘happily ever after.’ In fact, ‘the boy’…the one that i’m constantly talking too, told me that he wishes he had met me 4 years ago…(meaning that he could’ve been the man that married and did forever with…) How sweet is that! Points scored and noted.

Notice how i focus in on the good bits and not on the fact that he called me a ‘Big head… fuck.’ (All in good humour. ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL. ย That’s the key to happiness, which is the key to success. I’m sure. Don’t ask me. Ask Oprah?

Learn it. Live it. Enjoy life.

(Shit, i’ve finally managed to update my iphone! JESUS! That took some doing. I need to partake in less selfie taking, and clear out my storage more frequently. What a ball ache. NOW….it’s done.)






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