BGT and partying with the gays

In hotel room, just got back from Britains Got Talant! Blagged ourselves a ‘good time’ and well after a whole load of piccies, stardom and hungoverness (haven’t eaten in 3 days) my dear friend Rach decides she’s gonna try and storm her way backstage with a delicious amount of Diva-ness, past the barriers, past an army of security, over a fence and pretty much get arrested!! AMAZING!!!! Oh and totally in the rain. (I’m currently nursing her with my GAY Adam..and yeah i guess wine makes the World a better place. Liquid courage all the way!!

Last night i gayed it up in soho, went to Village, Ku Bar and the Popstarz, armed with Gay Adam, and 3 boyband members. Great night. I got ridculously trashed…feel like shit now though, and walked into a fucking window. It was just madness and i felt amazing. I have great tits!! And well love posessive boys with a side of go go dancers.

To be honest i can’t really be arsed to write this right now. I need to refuel and have more gin. Oh and i want fries. I can’t even remember last night. There was a lot of smashed glasses, lessons in head butting and nipples..oh and big brother contestants, followed by a lovely that refers to me as a ‘Dog Cunt.’

I’m actually doing really well right now in life. I’m a bit of a star! Yeah bitches. Need food.

6 thoughts on “BGT and partying with the gays”

  1. im pleased u had a good night but u got ot let me take u to the other parts of london babe like warehouse egg and all them and we will get right on it i am watching only fools and horses it is the fucking guvna u got ot love del boy aint ya

  2. Weekend was fun. I miss the Novotel and the fly infestation.
    I miss Rachel and the storming through security in the safe knowledge that nobody was about to shoot her.
    I miss stealing wheelchairs and racing through the hands of time along to room 5002.
    I miss gin & tonic with a side of fries.
    I miss the most happening place in the whole of Hammersmith!


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