Beware of the Up-Do


My UP-DO is beyond me!! Today, I officially realized the exotic nature of my ‘do’..and yes…I have an up-do that is completely and utterly YORKSHIRE. *Applaud here*

Incase, you…like most sane people who accidentally find themselves venturing onto chrissiewunna,com. *Click-Gotcha.* What I mean by ‘Yorkshire’ is the simple fact that it has a distinct mind of it’s utter own. It’s RIGHT. Your WRONG. And that’s my UP-DO. It simply does whatever the *swear here* it wishes and is now (like most of my hair delights) is trying to take over my life. πŸ™‚ I am guided by my do of ‘uppidness’ and the only thing good about it, is that firstly, if I ever want to jab a tiara into it, I can. (Step a side Miss.World.) And secondly…it kinda makes me look like a ‘do gooder’…or a professional of some sort, which is far mightier than looking like a delicious blogging nuisance. I’m actually quite partial to nuisances and especially those who take the time to write a blog. However, it seems others, at times, are not so keen.

So yeah…i’ve had a busy day…and my up-do has literally SMACKED into most things. I’ve got it caught on the inside roof of my car. It’s whammed into the frame of a doorway. It’s hit into a coat peg and tangled into people’s button holes. It is NUTTY and it’s really started to annoy me, now that’s it’s trying to shimmie into my limelight, centre stage. I even got so flustered by it, that I needed to wee, to release stress. When I did venture into the toilets…I was so controlled by my Yorkshire up-do that I didn’t even notice a workman, that was WEDGED into the ceiling through a square hole. πŸ™‚

There I was peeing, in my ‘working mum alert’ office attire, (Wait, here’s the pic…)

And again….

I was literally pants down to my ankles, doing a wee. Then a voice from above shouted, ‘OH. SORRY! I’M UP HERE!’ (Perform it in your best Yorkshire accent.) And there he was, a big chubby, workman, half in the loo roof and half dangling down with his feet on a step ladder, in the middle cubicle.

I actually screamed. πŸ™‚ *Loser* I hate it when I do a stupid girly shriek. It doesn’t happen often, yet I really didn’t expect a human to be wedged in the roof, whilst I wee’d.

But yeah, it was nice and awkward because he didn’t know if the correct protocol would be to venture down and see me wee, with apologies. Or just stay up there, killing time, until I had completely finished. πŸ™‚ He could even hear me wee. πŸ™‚

Anyway, he chose to stay up there, after I told him that it would probably be more appropriate. (Well all I said after the scream was…’OH MY GOD! I’M WEEING. I DIDN’T EVEN SEE YOU THERE. WAIT UP THERE.SO SORRY!!!’

It all ended well, with a *flush,* smile and a hand wash. I actually wanted to do a runner, straight after my rushed wee. However, when there’s someone watching or listening in, even if you don’t want to wash your hands, you just DO, don’t you and simply so they don’t think you’re mucky. You in fact do it far more thoroughly than you really needed to. It’s funny how, no matter what we all say about not caring how others perceive us..(.I’m want to preach that all of the time… ) There I was double soaping, double rinsing, and half drying. He couldn’t even SEE me because he was wedged in a ceiling. But yes, I did notice how we always half dry, don’t we. Just to get out of there quicker. It’s a spritz of a dry and a wipe down ya outfit. πŸ™‚ It’s not necessarily something I enjoy because I despise the idea of being wet. I hate the rain, or half dried hands. I don’t like little spritty bits of wet on me at all. I prefer a bath to a shower. My list in endless. I won’ t go it’s obviously tremendously boring.

Anyway, before I flounce off to get out of my work clothes and slip into something far more comfy and delightful, as I’ve been the busiest little bee ALL DAY today. It’s not really a transition i’m used to. But i’ve stopped being miserable now and got my game face on with a whole heart. (Code for ‘wine’) I mean, with all that has gone on at home with my marriage, I just believe that if you stay positive, then good things happen. As shittily cliched as that sounds, it’s really true. I know that I want my family to be together and have a fruitful future and I know that he does also. Therefore, once we’ve taken the time to rebuild ourselves as individuals..we can then look at one another in a whole new light and step forward with a more positive stiletto…and get back to where we began. πŸ™‚

I will say, before I go…that you all liked my above picture, once I plonked it on Facebook…and I thoroughly adored the ‘liking’ of it, because it firstly made me feel supported, yet it also humoured me massively that everyone seemed so impressed that I was actually in work attire and not being a hopeless glamourous bum. *100 ‘Likes’ here please.*

Have a wonderful ‘HUMP day. You have my kitten blessings and a sprinkle of Wunna winks.


Ps/ Lauren from Celeb Big Brother (if you didn’t see her Dairy room leg dance, you should. I now live for that routine,) anyway, she claims that she had sex with Russell Brand! WTF!!! See! This is why we don’t like players, or men who boast about bonking a million girls. It really is quality over quantity…and yeah, I love Lauren. I really do. But well…here’s a pic for you πŸ™‚




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