Better Now

Just woken up about 4 mins ago, and you’re right…vodka DOES help. I’m feeling much much better thanx to ‘Grey Goose.’ I LOVE my boobs, and even though i’m going through the mental ‘heave-ho,’ i know that with time, and with more booze, i’ll get use to my ‘cherubs.’ It’s fine when they’re cradled in my recovery bra, as i forget that they are there….It’s just crazy SHOCKING when i let them out to play. It’s only then, i remember that they are new. Actually makes me feel a bit shy…hahaha…weird! Since having them done , i have worn the MOST clothes, i have EVER worn, at one time…but that could also be because the weather as of right now, in Yorkshire is SHITE!! It’s hard being a slut, in the cold!

Anyway, i’m gonna get ready for my day, as i’ve got to go ‘birthday present buying.’ I LOVE ‘birthday present buying,’ especially for people who don’t really care too much about the things they recieve,  as they are pretty much pleased with everything in general!! (hahah) I’m a random gift buyer!! It’s ACE! Plus, i’m a ‘party planning’ and nobody can throw a ‘knees up,’ better than Miss.Wunna. You want a good time? I’ll give you a good time, the fondest memories…and probably a random outbreak of herpes. Enjoy!

Need coffee and slaves to slap!

2 thoughts on “Better Now”

  1. quality i feel batterd today it was my lil pals moving in party i got out of me cannister. vodka is the guvna chrissie im more of a scoth and brandy man if im on the old spirits. im pleased u love you new thrupneys they sound the guvna babe have fun shopping is yourkshire good for the old shops babe have a great sunday chrissie i hope u enjoy your roast babe take care treacle tada scratch


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