Being Wunnaful



I hope you had a great weekend, you delightful winks of candy coated love machines! The weather has certainly put us ALL in a better mood, aside from those who wish to remain miserable, even at the best of times. Are are such things as ‘those people’…and well ‘those people’ just need to be placed in a pretty woven basket, under a grey rain cloud and sailed off to sea. It looks like we’re going to have a GREAT Summer. I can’t WAIT! As they say on the 90210 advert, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get into bikinis.’ 😉 (It’s not that warm, I know.)

Life is great right now. I’m sat in my living room in my WORK clothes! Yes,  today is my first day at ‘day job’ and i’m kinda excited because i’m grateful to be bringing in extra money and well I’m impressed with myself. I’m proud. Plus, I think i’ve found a great team! The beauty line is in production in China and whilst it is, i’m rolling up my sleeves and getting down to business, in the form of ‘day job,’ because until that lash line is pulling in millions, I don’t think i will be able to kitten sit and feel awesome about it. So, i’m super excited to get going today!

The weekend was fab. I had a GREAT deal to organize for work and of course I enjoyed every minute of my time with the babies. We’re a happy little family now and because life has just come together swimmingly. The engines running smoothly and I guess we’re just been blessed with a ‘go on then..give them so happy.’ Played, laughed, loved and organized.

Yesterday I had house things to sort out, babies to take care of and then I realised that I had so much to get together for my work day today, which is never good on a Sunday, because everything closes by 4pm! I was on a timer and this is how foolish I was…There I found myself sitting and waiting to dance around the schedule of another, who subconsciously demands that I do, because I previously had a flexible schedule of ‘nada.’  I found myself sitting and waiting, after hearing zero communication of an exact o even estimated time schedule from this being…sacrificing my OWN ‘important things to do’ in order to make them happy…when  in the past months they really haven’t gone out of THEIR way to make me happy at all. Lol. In fact, they went out of their way to do the opposite ( Hahaha,) as they wallowed in her own selfish puddle of destruction.

I waited. I waited some more. Still…no time confirmation of a ‘show up..’ so by noon, I was gone, with my family and baby boy (Ruby was at Pete’s) and ready to for once…PUT ME FIRST! AND BOY DID I. And OH!?! What a surprise, the poor time scheduler, who had ‘rushed around all morning’ yet forgotten to tell me that they were going to show up at any particular, was extremely angered by the fact that he forgot to pick up his phone, the evening before, to state a moment, a time, or loose frame of ‘i’ll be around at…’ for me to work around. They followed their normal procedure of taking it out on moi, simply because they had ballsed it up…and lost out…so I hung up and got on with my day…happily. BOUNCING BACK MUCH!

Y’see! My life is good right now and the reason why, is because it’s all coming together, I’m moving, I have my day job, I have my beauty business launching this Summer, I have great support from my family, the babies and I have a smile on my face..but a REAL one. I made all the right choices, all the right sacrifices…which puts you in ‘great’ with GOD! Lol. So, now I have all this good karma flowing in. I also, did everything I could in a situation to make sure that I would never have to regret anything and even though the result wasn’t what I wished for…I sort of have peace in my heart because I tried with all of my heart,  to do the right thing for my family. We all love a tryer.

All I can say on the matter is, sometimes people choose a way of life, that they think is going to better and later on down the line…it’s not, in fact you end up feeling worse, because with all choices come consequences. We all know this, because well most of us are grown ups, or have lots of life experience at well…fucking up. 🙂 If you choose a way of life…you can’t have your cake and eat it. You sort of have to live with your choice and the consequences that come with it (and there are always consequences,) and that’s until you decide to alter your previously poor choice, to a more preferable one. Again..we all know this. If you don’t…then that’s fine, you can’t moan about the consequences that naturally occur when you make poor choices.

Now, i’m tolerant, good of heart and understanding. I’m feisty too and so I don’t take ANY bullshit, because I see through it immediately. It’s a good trait, so don’t let those of less guts tell you it’s not. Yet, now that i’m busier…scheduling is important. And well, i’m always listening… so COMMUNICATION is vital. So yeah, i heard, ‘You don’t communicate Chrissie.’ But to be honest, if you’re a being wishing to shimmie into MY life for something..then the appropriate code of conduct is to ask…and then schedule, because I don’t have to schedule into my own life…obviously and I don’t have to stride into the life of another because I have everything I want right by me, because it’s what I chose. If you want it to be different, you should re-evaluate your situation and see how it can be made better. That’s what ‘winners at life’ do. 🙂

Rant over.

You get it.

More people need to lose their pride and use their brain.

I had a remarkable weekend and well I fitted in all my errands, and lunch with the family. The weather was gorgeous and life was brilliant. It was drama free after a stressy phone call and because my support system was wonderful. Wunnaful. Delicious. Grand. I’m lucky.

I still have things to keep my fingers crossed about and I should be hearing from ‘them’ either today or tomorrow. It’s an awful feeling of being nervous, yet every time so far that i’ve felt nervous over the last few days…it’s always ended with a GREAT RESULT. I’m positive, hopeful, so wish me luck. I don’t know how I am so lucky, but when left to my own devices, things work of well. But i always reckon it’s because i’ve been good of heart…and wear good heels.

Good things happen to good people.

Ruby is a happy DIVA. Junior is clapping to songs about spiders and eating his way through the universe.

Just wanted to check in while I can.

Love you lots.


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