Being Me & Feeling Much Better

This is like the first time in the last two weeks that i’ve actually been able to rest up. It’s felt like 2 years and i’m sure i’ve aged at least 100 times over. And that is NOT good. This is the roughest i’ve ever looked!! I’ve stayed in my pyjamas all day today and it’s felt AMAZING. Oh my God you do not even know!! I’m knackered..yes. I’ve felt run down, (agreed, agreed) but i’ve finally turned everything back around to how my life should be and now i’m happy. (And she does it again!! Woo-hoo.) It’s 09/09/09 today!! (Incase you didn’t know)

 I’ve been away from the scene for a little bit, and it’s cost me dearly. Things move fast, in my world. If you take a time out, or neglect it.. you have to earn your way back in. Now i’m back, so step aside let me through, and maybe even bow a little. (lol. I totally mean in.) I’ve paid my dues. I have a drink with my name on it FOREVER and it feels good to be back. I’ve been talking to a lot of my friends today and well….If you are working a stressful job, or one that really doesn’t make you happy, then it is important that you QUIT it and i’m not even kidding. If you aren’t loving it, and it actually seems like an un-natural amount of work for really nothing…then step out of that suit, hang it from a lofty height and burn it. The number one killer to anyones life is stress and pressure, a loss of control and the fact that you are choosing to do something you hate. I’m successful in life (well so i keep hearing hahaha)  because i always do what makes me happy, regardless. I don’t care what anyone thinks and it works for me. I don’t have a stressful life. I stay positive. I love my job as model/blogger and well that’s just how it’s gonna stay. I’m really lucky to have this life. And there are times when i often try and ruin it. Lol. I do that with my love life too. But i’m quite together now on that front. Anyhow, The last 2 weeks have been terrible. I forgot who i was. What i stood for and felt like i was being awkwardly moulded into a robot. I felt trapped. Plus it didn’t help that i got my period too.

I’m aware that i’ve been absent, (i’ve recieved all your messages)  but i do want you to know that i truely am BACK and in full force. I’m taking my throne back, so shift and make room. It’s Va Voomie, sexy, confident and all about ME! No matter what, i always know i’m gonna do well and that’s what you guys need to find in you…if you haven’t already. When you know that…the world is your playground.  You become powerful. I have 100% belief in myself and know that if i love something enough…then it will decide to love me right back. And well that’s what has happened. I’ve been extremely lucky in life with a merry trail of small breaks, that have conjoured up into a delicious ‘something or other.’  My talent is ‘Being ME.’ And even though it may sound a tad bit bizarre…it’s not. I’m doing whatever i want and being read up on and admired for it. People find it hard to be who they really are, more than you would think. I don’t quite know why, as it’s really the only thing you can do in life than NO-ONE else can do any better. No-one can be YOU better than you. And if anyone tries to tell you any different…hopefully they’ll get nipple grippled by horny apes on their way home down a dark alley way.

Okay so, I’m not gonna do anything that stresses me out from now on. Nothing that takes away my time, my sleep, my life. I’m just concentrating on what i do best and that is being happy…with a healthy dose of winking, pouting, posing and underwear. I’m actually pretty decent at this whole ‘Good times’ marlarky and none of you can take that away from me!! Hahaha…you can take my kindgom, but you can never take away my WINE!!! I’m gonna go take a nap right now. Then get myself  some grub. I might have to watch the football. COME ON ENGLAND!!!

I love you…Life is goddam great! Oh and If you haven’t read my Flirt Blog yet…go to (Pages 38-39) It’s all about the boy.

5 thoughts on “Being Me & Feeling Much Better”

  1. AWWW, i fink Adam posted a pic of his twiiter a couple of weeks back when you were like going out at 7am and getting home at sum stupid hour and you looked fucked!! felt sorry for you. Ur not made for that! It’s not your path! Hope your gunna be sticking to being a winking nuisance it makes eveyone smile so much more 😉 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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