Being a Good Girl…

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I’ve just got home from a glorious day of work and play. I guess the good thing about my work life, is that as long as i’m not shooting, i can do it all over the phone or on my laptop. It makes all the difference. The world is my office and you guys are littering it. Lol. (No really…you are.)

Anyway, i’m quite disappointed in myself, because for a girl that was supposed to have dedicated her day to the art of ‘Flirt’ and ‘Man Eating’ I sure as hell let the side down. (hahah…) I’m pathetic. It’s hilarious as i convince myself that i’m all vixen ‘Va Voom’ but when it comes down to it, i’m really all shy and ‘love bunny.’ I like proper relationships with good men, that stay and love me forever and not floozey winks from ‘dick that don’t matter.’ Lol. I’m a lot more ‘goody goody’ and commitment orientated than i ever imagined. I’m proud of myself. (Hahha…i know ur not.) I’m all for settling down…so shoot me.

I spent the day being all shy and girly. Then after a few meetings, (where i was ballsy & determinded..I morph into this Hero)  i shopped with my Mother around Doncaster. The town that birthed Me. (And no i don’t have AIDs…you tramps.) The streets were littered with ‘love.’ Old ‘Love,’ Young ‘Love,’ First ‘Love,’ and although i’m always happy to see it..part of Me (and i’m least i’m honest, wanted to visciously poke them in the eyes repeatedly out of jealousy.) I looked at happy couples, holding hands and giggling. I looked at Men buying flowers for their tired wife. I saw a group of girls in the salon all giggly and getting primped up for their first dates and I just looked at my Mother (God bless her heart) who was feeling my pain..that i was trying to hide and i’m not good at hiding ANYTHING (but the sausage..wink wink) who then changed the day by saying, ‘Do you want me to buy you Diamonds?’

With a blink of an eye we were at the jewellers, one my family has used for years picking out diamonds, precious gems and jewellery. It was lovely and reminded me of being a little girl. We used to do it all the time. Therefore I am now the proud owner of a beautiful earring set and ring. The problem is, we drank champagne whilst me pondered (they do that to you make you spend more money) and all it did was make me think of weddings. LOL. Then i remembered that i’m not doing too bad in life and my love life is pretty okay and just like that i was dandy and able to purchase dresses that don’t fit. I can turn any beautifully classy day dress, into a hoochie boobie number simply by holding it up to Me. It’s a talent. Even the assistant was like ‘U make it look slutty.’ (Hahaha..) I put this sleek little number on…and it just exploeded into a mess of dangerous boobs and hips in 2.3 seconds!!!

I think i still care about a boy ( I can’t believe i just said that) …as i  have moments of ‘freeze,’ and he passes my mind. I think that’s normal. But that’s cute…and it makes me happy, so leave me be. (Hahahaha!!!) I’ve had my nails done, my hair done, my tan done. I look like a living doll. Now i want to smear KFC all over my body and call myself FAT until i cry. Lol. I think i’ll just have wine…a less dramatic option. I’m a loser. Rejoice!!! Harriet wants me to fight 2 buses…

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  1. i am well proud of u u want ot be with a nice person who likes u for what u are rather than just want ot have a prod then tada i want ot find a bird but i know it will take a while coz there is a lot i want to do and see before i settle down. loving the pic chrissie your thrupneys always put a smile on my face babe


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