Before I had Boobies

I was still a bit ‘Slaggy.’ I love this picture…it reminds me of very good times, a sudden change in my life and an energy telling me that GREAT things were about to happen. I love my baby sized boobies…they would chuckle like giggly school girls, drink my neighbours wine and always wish that they were bigger.

17 thoughts on “Before I had Boobies”

  1. Aww mini Wunnaa!
    I’m guessing the words ‘pukka’ and ‘me old china’ make their way on to this page very soon 🙂

  2. well there is no point know u were still a sort with lil guns but i do perfer the new fake swangers if i am honest chrissie me old mucka me old fucker

  3. yes u got to love fake guns shun all the more to play with i am a tit and arse man so if the girl has got a cracking bottle and small thrupneys take her to thailand pay 2 bag job done everyones a winner lovely darts

  4. I love ALL boobs, even the ones that dangle and tuck into your jean pockets. I loved my little gibblets because they were so cute, but i love my big ones now, simply because they’re funny.

    FYI/ I love the Dictionary/Calculator comment! Hahahaha! ‘Calculators have numbers’ ….HAHAHAH! You can say a lot with numbers i guess??

    Oh and yeah, the piccy is from the same ‘Batch of Goodness’…I was laid on a pink inflatable, sofa…not so glamourous

  5. I love different sizes as long as they look and feel great on the girl,i love your big ones because they are mouth watering sexy 😉


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