Bees of Little Busy-ness

Afternoony, my complete wiggles of shimmie! How the diddle-dum are you!?!

Well it’s all a go-go here in Wunna land and when I say ‘go-go’ I do finally mean that we’re rushing around getting work and life plans together and not simply watching naked men in Speedos or boobied girls in bikinis… dance.

(Gosh, i’ve just had this awful flash back of a Go-Go dancer that I met in LA. His name was Scott and he erotically danced in a West Hollywood Gay Bar every other night. He was on all fours and in nothing but tight, pink, neon Speedos and pink rocket boots. He gyrated in this position for gay men, who enjoyed his work and gave him dollar bills per thrust. He collected them in his Speedos and continued to gyrate on his platform, in front of a giant mirror. It’s a gay bar and i’ve gone out with my gay friends, so i’m assuming..he’s gay, so I totter upward and put a dollar bill in his pants, out of kindness. 🙂

Anyway, as soon as I did, he stops, grabs me and asks me for my number because he wants to take me out on a date, whilst trying to convince me that he wasn’t gay. I say ‘no,’ so instead he runs off, finds a pen and paper and give me his number. I then feel bad, so i exchange it with my own, knowing that I can just ignore him when he calls.

Like most things in my life, it got out of hand and he began calling and texting me every second of the day, saying he really wanted me to love him because he was adopted and wanted to find true love. I explained that I couldn’t as I wasn’t really looking for a relationship or even a fling with a ‘Go-Go’ dancer. 🙂 Yet it didn’t stop him from calling and trying to win me over with his story.  It even got quite harrassy and i ended up having to be harsh and rude. I just couldn’t see ‘husband material’ in him and because had made me initially cross his path whilst he was gyrating, on all fours for gay men in Speedos. That wasn’t part of my ‘fairytale,’ so it was unfortunate for him. So, it’s weird how men can see a ‘go-go’ dancing girl, a stripper, or a glamour model 🙂 and immediately think, ‘that’s it, i’m marrying her, giving her all my wealth and spending the rest of my life with this woman, she is my dream.’ I love men for it. Yet they’re really just puppy dogs who want a hot wife, who will adore them and their ego. Women…want more. )

Anyway, i’ve rambled enough. We are BUSY! Ruby is finally well. Last night and for the first time ever I had to mildy scorn her and I use the term mildy simply because I can’t bring myself to tell her off EVER, due to her cuteness.

We were singing and dancing, during moments of her being ill and whilst having a boogie to ‘Scream & Shout’ my WILL.I.AM (which she quite simply adores) and she turns around, with a look in her eye and shouts, ‘It’s Britney BITCH.’ Now, as much as I enjoy the term ‘bitch,’ i just hated hearing my pure little angel say it. I don’t even know why? So, i told her off a little, ( ‘Don’t say that word,) lol…and got back to dancing. She’s now fit and well and happily playing at nursery. I adore her nursery and simply because they have now built a fun Chinese restaurant for the children, for the beautiful art of ‘role play.’ How cute! They have to learn Chinese whenever they’re in it too. Lol. I think it’s ACE! Each  month the role play switches.

This morning my lovely little hubby, who has now got the flu, visited a coffee/trendy dessert store in Leeds that we’re hoping to purchase and run. It’s sassy, sexy, glamourous and modern. It’s a four floored building, all swanky and delicious. It’s in a great location and it’s pink, black and silver. Delicious. Saw it today, LOVED it…we want it. However, before that, Keiran needs to have a looky at the books, as at the end of the day that’s kinda what matters. When it comes to business, pretty is fine, but does it make moola?

Hopefully it will all go well for him and the coffee/dessert shop will be ours! Then we’ll open a beauty salon on one of the floors for kicks. Fingers crossed! I loved the current owner, much more impressive than the other guy, who had the grubby store. She told me that i looked like the kinda girl who liked things to be presented well and look glamourous. She won me over at that! I want it! 🙂

Other than all that, ‘The Hubby’ had 3 other businesses a going. His security company, his property company and his new Utility business that he’s currently recruiting for. I’m sticking to my strong points, which is entertainment, keeping things glam, filming and writing. (Oh and i’m having a baby, whilst starting the social media business, with a lip gloss line.)

Together we’re dynamite and intending to conquer the world. Work hard, play later is the term we’re sticking to and we’re keeping things positive.

It’s all going well so far, but like I said, I cannot even tell you how impressed i am by Keiran right now. He’s really pulled himself together and marched forward with a warm happy glow and magic. He’s a hard worker and someone who just wants to succeed and if you saw how hard he works simply to be the best he can be than you would be impressed too. Saying that, I was impressed by him simply knowing how to find the end of the kitchen foil, that i had messed up gracefully, being the domestic goddess that I am. Fuck foil. It’s not an essential part of my life. I’m headed for starry heights…not kitchen management.

I’m working hard, experimenting and doing it with my game face on, yet I can’t for the life of me find a dress to wear for a press launch next week. Being preggo sucks for dress finding. I look like a dumpling in everything. Today, I was quite ‘sizzle.’ (I’ll give myself that.) Yet…well you get what i’m on about. I need to look good and not like a dumpling…in fake bake and oriental eyes.

Hope today went well for you!

Big love,

Wunna x

ps/ Men are inboxing me with sexy talk again and I don’t mean the ‘You’re beautiful’ messages, I’m on about the rudey, ‘I want to bang you-suck my cock you hot bitch’ ones. Let’s not start that again. I’m utterly flattered, yet quite honestly i’m an oldie now…and i’ve pulled myself together. I’m 32, preggo and married, with an ‘almost’ 2 year old.  It’s not that sexy. #calmyourselves




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