Because i’m Hhhappy.


Today was great!

I’ve finally eased off my shiny, bright red, button of ‘panic’ and i’ve gleefully wiggled into my happy zone of ‘all smiles’ and to be honest, i’ve never felt better!

Now, i don’t know whether it was because my surrounding have been different today? Negative rubs off on you, as does Team Positive. What you absorb from your environment matters. I don’t know if it’s because i’m easing off my ‘time of the month.’ Meaning, i’m no longer fussy and drained and instead more ‘Fresh as Daisy,’ back to my normal, hormonally balanced self. :0 It’s ace being a girl. I also don’t know whether it’s because today I achieved and completely by accident. It was one of those days where i did better than I thought i would and when that happens and you shock yourself…you feel like a million gold star stickers. You utterly ‘buzz’ from it. And finally…i don’t know if it’s because so much happened to me at once last week. All wonderful stuff…but lots all at once. When lots happens to me and it tumbles in as one heavy heap of glory, i get terrified and analyse it all, far too much, instead of realizing and enjoying. Stupid really, as I hate people like that! 🙂

To be honest, it could’ve either been all of the above of part of it? Who knows, all that matters is the fact that i’m doing the correct thing and that is concentrating on how GREAT i feel now!! life is wonderful right now!

I’m in my comfies, i have a wine, I have eyelash line work to do…the babies are asleep, I have one more day of work and then I’M OFF FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND! (This never happens…so i’m excited!) I’ve scheduled in shopping with family and a night out with Katie, followed by my Sunday with Hayley and Graham! It feels great!

Keiran’s text me to tell me that he’s decorated a whole new bedroom for the children. They haven’t seen it yet and will do tomorrow, when they go to his….so i’m excited for them…especially Ruby. He seems pretty chuffed with it all, so i can’t wait for pictures. I mean, he had to put off seeing them all week due to this decorating and part of me seemed disappointed in him because if I was going to decorate, I would’ve had to do it with the children around. Men, never have to, they can pick their moments to parent, when separated. However, now and because i’m not on my period…:)….i now think it’s sweet that he’s done that and taken the time to do them a room. I mean, i’m lucky to have had them, without them having to do a ‘stop out.’ So, yeah…i’m back to little bubbly me. He’s all good. I’m happy.

Work’s good. Social life is great. Friends are ace. Eyelash line doing well. Business plan for investment going slowly because i can’t do maths. PR for lash line is going fabulously. Babies are more than happy. We’re closer than ever. EVERYTHING IS GOING WELL and i’m excited!

Erm…last night, i had a Skype chat with a guy. He first messaged me on Tinder and well i didn’t really chat to him much because i was busy working and otherwise occupied. Yet he didn’t really give in. he kept messaging and then after a break, he sent me a message saying he had a new number.

I sent him brief messages, but then when i went to my psychic she described this guy EXACTLY! He stated that he was Spanish, living in Manchester and she told me his exact name! It was creepy because at the time, I didn’t know who she was on about and it wa sonly at the end of my reading that I shouted out in realization saying, ‘SHIT, I DO KNOW WHO THAT GUY IS!’ It was crazy.

Anyway because of what she said, I thought that i’d send him a message. We’ve been messaging since, more informally than anything. But yesterday we did a video Skype call…which was nice and what it actually taught me was to not judge a book by it’s cover. I mean my psychic had told me a lot about this guy and randomly and she said that he wasn’t what he seemed and in a good way.

We chatted…it was great because he was really attractive, but dead normal…fun loving…sort of like ME! he struggled with his English also wanted to type. But i think he’s pretty genuine. He’d make a great friend. So, i guess next weekend or the weekend after we’re gonna hang out. Apparently, i’m going to teach him English.

So, that was great except it was at 11pm and i looked ROUGH. I fucking looked dead rough. I was knackered from working a whole day. I was stressed. I had babies fighting a night time sleep…it was hardcore. I was TIRED. I even looked at the screen, saw myself and nearly died. because he looked alright and i looked TERRIBLE, because i was soo knackered. It was one of those moments where in which i felt that i didn’t look like my picture…which is always annoying and i didn’t want him to think that of me. I even thought it’d put him off. (It kinda showed me how shallow I was. Lol)

So that was fun!

I work all day tomorrow. I’m on deadline now for investment, eyelash line promotions and all sorts. Tomorrow night i have to myself and then i shop Saturday, I go out Saturday night and then Sunday I meet up with Hayley! I’m so happy and i can’t believe that i’ll have two days off work in an actual row…and that i’ll actually get a night where in which i can sleep ‘starfish.’

Love you all long time!


Ps. Celebrity Big Brother has been great this time around!


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